support group for ppl who have lost a child/teen to cancer

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DaisyDaresYOU Sat 25-Sep-10 19:27:49

Do you ever wonder where your dd is? I sit here sometimes,wondering what hes doing

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DaisyDaresYOU Wed 22-Sep-10 10:06:15

Im very shy that seems to be my problem.i made the mistake of putting thread on aibu i told my nearly 5yr old about a road being like a death really is though.i cant help but worry about mine or someones child getting run over.

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thefirstmrsDeVere Tue 21-Sep-10 21:49:27

I know exactly what you mean about moving further away.

Everyday is one more day since I saw her, held her, heard her voice.

Her friends have started university this week. I have been a bit of a nightmare blush

I think it must be really very hard for siblings. As well as losing a brother or sister they lose a huge part of their parents too. I know I am not the same anymore. I never will be.

Time doesnt heal. You just learn to manage the grief a bit better. Then everyso often you go BAM! right back to day one, the grief as raw and painful as the day you lost them.

Do you think it might be useful to have counselling or pyschotherapy? Personally I think its much more useful some time after the loss, not straight after when things are just too new.

DaisyDaresYOU Tue 21-Sep-10 20:53:01

Sorry for your loss.It's very hard when they die young,db was 16.I feel as time goes on I'm getting further away from him.It's so painful.people say time is a healer but i have to disagree.when its a child theres so many things they will never experience,having nights out,settling down,marriage,kids.

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thefirstmrsDeVere Tue 21-Sep-10 11:01:22

Hello Daisy

I am very sorry to hear about your brother. You lost him around about the same time that I lost my daughter to ALL. She was 14.

I will always talk about my DD (shorthand for daughter) and I will always be happy to talk to others about their children and siblings.

When you lose someone you love you do have a lot to share with others however they have died. But their are things about losing someone to cancer that only people in the same situation can understand.

There isnt much support after cancer. I have been to a few meetings at the Teenage Cancer Trust and they were brilliant but few and far between.

The Child Bereavement Charity has a section for siblings but I havnt been on their site for a long while.

I would like to hear about your brother if you want to talk.


MissM Mon 20-Sep-10 11:11:27

Daisy, there is a lovely thread on here for people who have lost a sister or brother. I lost my brother to cancer almost two years ago and have found it the most incredible support. I'm a bit rubbish at links but it's called 'For Jonny...' Come over and join us - you'll find a lot of understanding there.

iwastooearlytobeayummymummy Sun 19-Sep-10 22:26:20

Hopeful bump. I hope some one can help you with this Daisy, you sound like an amazing sister xx


DaisyDaresYOU Sat 18-Sep-10 15:38:32

Hi everyone.Im new to this.when my brother died of cancer i realised i had noone to talk to that understood me(exept my family).i think its easier to talk to people we don't know but that understands the pain we have faced.i still feel angry after nearly 4years that my brother was taken so glad i got chance to say goodbye but watching him die will stay with me forever.we were very close and i really miss him

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