Life is so cruel

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triplets Sat 27-Aug-05 20:41:23

Hi everyone,
Just needed to talk, had an e-mail from my friend this morning and I am so upset and devastated. We have never met, she contacted me 5 years ago after the death of her 2yr old son, he died in his sleep, she also had a 5 month old daughter Rosa. We have kept in touch and last year with alot of encouragement from me she attempted ivf with donated eggs from her niece and the baby was due on the 29th Aug. The baby , Polly died inside her at 30 weeks, post mortem has revealed nothing, she looked perfect. She is 45, I just feel so very sad for her, for them all. Life is so very cruel as I know only too well, its just so sad. Can anyone identify with her?

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melbob Sat 27-Aug-05 21:34:58

I can't imagine but how very sad for your friend and you. I'll b thinking of you both

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