Struggling 20 months on

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FoghornLeghorn Thu 12-Aug-10 10:58:42

My BIL passed away 20 months ago and I'm struggling.

He comitted suicide, leaving behind a beautiful DD and a very loving family.

DH isn't coping very well either - almost like he's stopping himself grieving properly as he doesn't know how he will cope if he lets go.

So many un-answered questions still going round in our heads, I thought we'd learnt to not keep going round and round in the same circle but turns out we are, just in our own heads without talking to each other about it.

DD1 who is the eldest of 3 misses him massively, DD2 is forgetting fast and DD3 has no idea as she was only 3 months old when it happened.

I'm just still so unbearably sad

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knickers0nmyhead Fri 13-Aug-10 09:52:12


So sorry love....

Do you think bereavement counselling may help at all?

FoghornLeghorn Fri 13-Aug-10 19:57:25

I have no idea to be honest KOMH - I wouldn't know where to start blush

I know for definitely DH wont consider it, he just doesn't see how talking to a complete stranger would help

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