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choufleur Tue 10-Aug-10 18:13:07

My Dad passed away after a fairly short illness last Friday. My mum, aunt and myself saw the minister who will be conducting the service. We're not religious and hadn't met her before today. When she asked me about my dad I couldn't put a coherent sentence together about him so she suggested i email her about my Dad.

What sorts of things do people say about their parents when they lose them? I'm finding it very difficult to sum up in a few short words what he meant to me.

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MumInBeds Tue 10-Aug-10 18:23:44

So sorry to hear of your loss.

Why don't you start with basic facts, when he was born, and interesting information about his family and childhood, where he grew up, the work he did and how he liked to spend his time. Hopefully you'll find that from that you will start to write a bit about what kind of man your dad way and then how you feel about him.

Tortington Tue 10-Aug-10 18:25:35

some anecdotes which sum up his humour, clumsiness, foresight, work ethic....or whatever part of his life/personality

SassySusan Tue 10-Aug-10 23:22:54

Message deleted

alypaly Tue 10-Aug-10 23:45:43

Sorry for your loss.
im sorry to say but be careful with the info as the minister that did my mums was awful. We had never met him before and we are not religious either. It has left a very sad and bitter memory for me so please get it right so that it is a memorable day for the right the right reasonssmile
He even pronounced her name wrongly and got many details wrong. In fact he waffled on about so much nonsense that i nearly stood up and asked him to sit down. But i tell you what....it filled me with the confidence i needed to stand up and pay a final tribute to my wonderful mum... and all the fear i had about doing it disappeared because i wanted to tell everyone what a wonderful mum she was.

i miss her so much even 2.5 years later

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