I was due this week - feeling blue.

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queenceleste Wed 24-Aug-05 20:26:39

that's it really, just feel sad and still have no oomph to try again. Thought I was over it and this week it's all come back. This is common though, I hear.

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Hulababy Wed 24-Aug-05 20:28:23

I am really sorry. This week is going be tough, but it will pass again. Try to share how you feel and grieve for your loss this week. Take care.

jangus Thu 25-Aug-05 00:07:29

I know it is no help, but it is true that this happens. It is a tough time for you and your emotions can take over.
Sometimes it can even happen with no real trigger, but it can hit you llike a tonne of bricks.
Hormones also play a big part of it.
I agree with Hula that you need to talk about how you feel and take time out this week to grieve for your loss, this would be the healthy approach rather than keeping it all in.
Look after yourself.
XxX jangus

spacecadet Thu 25-Aug-05 00:10:07

i know how you must be feeling, it is my due date today and i worked my self up all week about it, surprisingly, it hasnt been as bad as i thought, its my birthday so ive kept busy, cant help thinking about what might have been..{{{hugs}}}, allow yourself time to grieve,it does get easier i think with time.

Miaou Thu 25-Aug-05 00:41:42

Queenceleste, so sorry for you. These anniversaries are so hard.

Spacecadet, I was thinking about you just this morning, I knew your date was around now but wasn't sure exactly when. I'm glad the day wasn't too bad for you.

SherlockLGJ Thu 25-Aug-05 00:47:45


It gets easier, I always remember my first due date (08.12.2001) and this is compounded by the fact that my BF sister conceived at the same time and every time they have a family function, I see their little girl who was born early but on my first babies due date, I do have a DS who I love more than life itself, but when I see this little girl I remember.

What I am trying to say is, every time I see her it hurts less, I still remember but it hurts less IYKWIM

queenceleste Thu 25-Aug-05 13:30:31

Thanks for these messages - it really helps to hear from people who know what it's like.
Spacecadet - good to see a familiar name! I used to be girlfromip but then had to change my name because I forgot my password. might try to change my name back to something similar. Is anyone else still around from that blighted 'due in august' thread?.
sherlock - I think you're right - it has got easier and will get easier - they are right about time healing.
All the best and hope you have had as good a birthday as you can spacecadet.

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spacecadet Fri 26-Aug-05 22:19:07

ah qc, i remember you, i think i like your new name better, i think the due date is the hardest time, it all comes flooding back and you cant help thinking of what might have been, its been a strange week for me really, i thought a lot about it the day before, but on my birthday didnt think so much, then found myself thinking too much again yesterday..and i will admit tears were shed.
sending you lots of {{hugs}}
fwiw, i still think about my first child who was stillborn 15 years ago, and always feel sad on his due date.(12.11.1990)

spacecadet Fri 26-Aug-05 22:20:37

queenceleste, there are still a couple of people around from the august thread.

fisil Fri 26-Aug-05 22:23:04

Big hugs, it is very sad. I found it very difficult - and I was 3 months pregnant at the time!

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