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Nearly 5 year old still throwing tantrums

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They aren't as regular as they used to be but when she starts she will scream and scream! I try and walk away but she follows me and just screams.

I got really angry earlier and pinned her down. I feel so bad and have been crying, it's so hard!

She wasn't heard but I'm scared that if I hadn't locked myself in the bathroom to get away from her she would have been.

I feel like I need to just walk away as they would be better off without me, I'm shit!

Skillbo Thu 04-Jul-13 20:10:41

I don't have any real advice I'm afraid - my DD is 4 and really hard work at the moment with tantrums escalating if nothing else BUT they would never be better off without you. You are so important to her which, as much as it sucks, is why she feels able to behave like this with you.

Does she do the same for other people? My DD is a little terror at home, but an angel at school - it is exhausting so i feel your pain but you are definitely not alone!

Smudging Thu 04-Jul-13 20:17:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thank you for your replies they were very kind.

I did walk away but she followed me and started kicking the bathroom so hard I could see it move.

She talks to me like crap and actually told me earlier that she can do whatever she wants.

She isn't as bad with other people but not brilliant with grandparents. At school though I think she is as good as gold. Her report said the teacher couldn't help smiling when DD2 does as she looks so happy and the head teacher said every time she sees DD2 she is smiling!

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