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knowing their colours???

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Carameli Sat 13-Aug-05 14:45:41

When did your child definitely know the different colours. My dd is 22mths and dh is getting a bit obsessed about her knowing them, so I just wondered what others had found.

Also with numbers, she refuses point blank to start at '1' when counting her blocks. I think some of this may also be that he tries to make a big point about her starting at '1'. I've seen her smile when she knows he is getting frustrated.....

Pinotmum Sat 13-Aug-05 14:50:31

My ds is 2y 10 mo and just about knows all his colours now. He would get confused with yellow and green but this seems to be sorted. I think 22 mths is very young to know colours and counting.

nutcracker Sat 13-Aug-05 14:53:29

Well my Ds is 2yrs 8 mths and doesn't know any of his colours.

singersgirl Sat 13-Aug-05 15:01:04

The HV said at DS2's 2 year check that it was unusual for a child to know even one colour with certainty by 2 - so I guess over 2 is usual. Those "What to expect" books give knowing 2 or 3 colours as skill most children will have achieved by 3, I think. Counting with one-to-one correspondence also I think usually comes by about 3.

WigWamBam Sat 13-Aug-05 15:02:35

My dd knew most of her colours before she was 18 months - she would sort her building blocks into colours when she was about 14 months old, and her first "proper" sentence was "two black cars"! "Proper" counting came a bit later, she could count to 12 and recognise some numbers by the time she was 2.5. It's ever so variable though; some children are closer to three when they get it, and your dh is just going to end up stressing himself and your dd out if he gets too obsessed about it all.

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 15:02:57

Ds3 is 30 months and knows the colour pink (dd's fav colour!) and maybe one or two others but I wouldn't bet on it.

22 months and worrying about knowing her colours? Really, I wouldn't!

tiredemma Sat 13-Aug-05 15:09:00

ds2 was 2 on july 1st, he has known them for about 4 mths.

Mud Sat 13-Aug-05 15:20:45

tell him to stop trying to hothouse the poor kid and let her be a toddler FGS poor thing

loupylou Sat 13-Aug-05 15:23:10

My dd now 32months, knows most of the common colours, plus black, white, purple, pink. She can count from 1-12 and is obsessed with the ABC song which she still learning. She recognises some numbers but not 100% of the time. She knows G for Grace and M for mummy also A for Alfie, our dog!
She's counted from 1-10 for ages, but did have a spell where she refused to start at one but it was just a phase. She not keen on writing at the moment but likes to follow mazes so i suppose that's a start

Pinotmum Sat 13-Aug-05 15:25:17

Not keen on writing at 32 months? Whar does she need to write at 32 months?

Enid Sat 13-Aug-05 15:28:52


FairyMum Sat 13-Aug-05 15:32:31

My DS1 could hardly speak at 22 months. At 24 months I think he had a vocabulary of about 10 words and colours not included. I wouldn't worry. She is sooo young.

stacijc Sat 13-Aug-05 15:37:10

ds (2.3)knows most colours inc burgandy, can count to 15 adn can recognose all but 11 letters of the aplpahbet...he also knows what the numbers 1-9 look like altho can't recognise the others yet.

It something that they will all get the hang of in their won time and in their own way.

Ds refused to say 1 as well for a while but thats coz we used to say it to start him off counting...says it now tho

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 15:39:23

What the?????????????

Pruni Sat 13-Aug-05 15:39:51

Message withdrawn

Pinotmum Sat 13-Aug-05 15:40:29

LOL Pruni

snafu Sat 13-Aug-05 15:41:08

Wow, Pruni, I'm impressed

Ds only knows Dulux. And he's 26 months! What am I doing wrong?

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 15:41:14

I hope that is a case of LOL Pruni. I did anyway (LOL)

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 15:41:47

Does your dd advise you on mix and matching co-ordinates too?

stacijc Sat 13-Aug-05 15:43:10 that "what the" at me?

Pruni Sat 13-Aug-05 15:43:13

Message withdrawn

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 15:44:55

Yes Stacijc

stacijc Sat 13-Aug-05 15:46:52

i didn't make him!!! he just picked it up, we did buy flash cards but he piosted them thru the video

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 15:47:54

I am not sure I know the colour burgundy!

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 15:48:19

He did what through the video? Posted them?

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