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toddler hitting others.

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Gracesmum Fri 12-Aug-05 01:52:52

my dd is 15 mnths old and gorgeous, happy and v sociable. but whenever we go to playgroup etc she seems to 'bully' the smaller children.
she is fascinated with hair and although it looks like she is hitting maybe she is just stroking them???? but what do u do when other mums glare at you???? if i tell her 'be gentle' she will then hug + kiss them.
she has hit us on occassion and we tell her off and that it hurts. am i doing right thing, whats appropriate discipline for her age, does she have the mental capacity yet to do it on purpose???

emily05 Fri 12-Aug-05 07:00:36

Ds was like this (and still is a little). He thought that other children were like toys! And I know what you are saying about feeling awful because you get looks.

Once I saw a baby whisperer episode with a toddler with a similar problem. The way that she explained it was that they are just learning to socialise and you have to treat them as though they have no skills and teach them how to behave. I know that this is a drain as it means being on their case a bit, but it will teach them how to behave around other children.

Is there a friend you have with a child that you can 'practise' on? I think that with reenfourcement they get it eventually and they definanlty grow out of it.

as she gets older she will understand more and will get the concept of punishment. All you can really really do is take her to one side if she is hitting them and tell her 'no, that is naughty' in a firm voice.

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