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What do your children's friends call you?

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Mo2 Thu 11-Aug-05 22:21:05

Mrs X?
Your first name.
'Auntie Firstname' (even if you're not related)

DS1 suddenly has become quite aware of this (staying at people's houses more/having sleepovers etc when he needs to ask for things)

I variously get called all of the above depending on how well the child knows me/ whether they've met me through school (doing parents reading etc)


katymac Thu 11-Aug-05 22:22:36

At school Mrs X
Out of school Katymac
I like Aunty Katymac

Hulababy Thu 11-Aug-05 22:25:36

DD is 3y4m so most of her firends are still very young, or they are slightly older children of friends. They call me by my first name, which I am more than happy with.

I don't like the Aunty thing, and Mrs X makes me feel like I am back at school teaching.

QueenOfQuotes Thu 11-Aug-05 22:31:44

DS1's friends (nearly 5) call me by my first name.

LilacLotus Thu 11-Aug-05 22:32:42

i'm known as 'ellen's mum' mostly.

aloha Thu 11-Aug-05 22:42:27

First name, definitely. All my circle do this. My friend, who has no children of her own, likes to be called Aunty X, and so I encourage my ds to call her that because it makes her happy. All my mummy friends are first name. Certainly no Mrss!

stitch Thu 11-Aug-05 22:46:08

first name by his school friends. really annoys me. would much prefer to be mrs x or auntie x.
all my friends kids call me auntie x.

Mo2 Thu 11-Aug-05 22:48:24

Have to say, I'm mostly Firstname, or occasionally Auntie firstname, if a child (Or their parents) seem to prefer that.

Mrs X gets complicated because I kept my maiden name, so it isn't th same as the DSs, so that's VERY hard for a little one to understand and remember.

Aimsmum Thu 11-Aug-05 22:53:03

Message withdrawn

lucy5 Thu 11-Aug-05 22:54:11

By my first name, except for one who cant say it and calls me ducci, I love it.

marthamoo Thu 11-Aug-05 22:56:26

Embarrassingly enough, ds1's classmates call me Mrs Moo (from helping out in school). But my friends' children call me by my first name. I still call a totally unrelated friend of my Mum's Auntie M - just can't kick the habit.

swedishmum Thu 11-Aug-05 23:56:14

When I did a day's supply at village school the children in ds's class called me Mrs Harry's mum! Normally they just use my first name at home.

MarsLady Thu 11-Aug-05 23:57:27

First name mostly. Or stunningly gorgeous. Whichever trips off the tongue first!

Janh Fri 12-Aug-05 00:01:14

When young, first name, no probs.

Now it's funny, esp if a 6th form friend of DS1's comes in for the first time (aged 17), they do call me Mrs because they don't know my first name, it's very sweet.

If DS1 hears he'll correct them, but I have always been lacking in natural casual manners (iyswim) and find that hard.

(Loathe auntie )

beetroot Fri 12-Aug-05 00:01:50

Message withdrawn

jampots Fri 12-Aug-05 00:02:52


Tortington Fri 12-Aug-05 00:41:00

first name - unless they are my teenagers friends then they call me mrs custardo - as they blummin well should

MumOnaMission Sat 13-Aug-05 02:36:39

I hate being called mrs x. much prefer firstname. Only my best friends kids call me auntie. dd calls her friends mums by their first name (and my best friend auntie).

AlmostAnAngel Sat 13-Aug-05 07:23:59

bloody mad! most of the time called me mummy"firstname" and hugs me whenever i see her [shes 16] dds boyfriend just sighs .mind you i did dye his beard the other day[well he shouldnt have come in when i was doing dds hair!

mumtosomeone Sat 13-Aug-05 07:57:34

They all call me by my first name apart from one which calls me Mum!

WideWebWitch Sat 13-Aug-05 07:58:43

First name or mostly nothing actually, they're more likely to come right up to me and just ask for whatever they want (if they're here) or say 'excuse me' now I think about it.

mumtosomeone Sat 13-Aug-05 08:01:00

I hardly use names with adults either!

basketcase Sat 13-Aug-05 08:45:01

I know I will get shot down in flames for this one but I can’t shake this silly notion that using first names puts you immediately on the same level and familiar level with children rather than being seen first as an adult - lack of respect etc? There is too little respect for people older than you - young children thinking it totally acceptable to swear and answer back etc. and think that it would help somehow to get back to the idea that children should show some respect to adults - I know respect should be mutual and earned, but to care about what others think, to recognise that grown ups usually have a reason for telling you off etc. God, I am expressing myself so badly here. My brain is so fuddled. Hope someone can see through it all and see my point in there somewhere..
I know someone will quickly reply that the use of a name has nothing to do with showing respect but I just think it is one little tiny message and a bit of formality and politeness that works. Oh I give up - doing a really bad job here and an ex teacher too. Maybe that is part of it - years of upbringing with parents who had strict manner and social code of calling people Mr and Mrs and close family friends Auntie and Uncle to show affection, teaching and having Miss.... and later Madam used, no pupil daring to address me by first name.

Sooo, unlike most of you who like first names, I see your point but my background still makes me uncomfortable with it. Have no option as the local PG uses first names for all mum helpers and staff so children use them. I always introd./talk about other parents with DDs as Amy’s mummy or Jack’s daddy rather than use their first names (surnames confuse mine).

Sorry - rubbish post, just can’t say what I wanted to say and feel really frustrated now Grrrr

mumtosomeone Sat 13-Aug-05 08:50:08

I understand what you are saying!
Our PG uses mrs... to get them used to it for school. I agree there is a total lack of respect now adays! Not sure where to start putting that right!!! I PREFER TO BE CALLED BY MY CHRISTIAN NAME>
oops something wrong with keyboard!!!!

tortoiseshell Sat 13-Aug-05 08:53:01

definitely first names.

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