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Short attention span-any tips on making it better?

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Lmccrean Thu 11-Aug-05 21:21:20

My dd (2 1/2) has quite a short attention span, how can I help her? I try to give a good mix of play- with me, with other children and by herself- and try to keep toys at her level (not too easy or hard)but she still seems to have a very short attention span -changing activities sometimes as often as three mins, going between 4 or 5 toys. My living room is always a mess cause of this.

How long should an activity hold her attention? And how can I help her improve it?

ScrewballMuppet Thu 11-Aug-05 21:34:00

Theres a book called babytalk that gives you advice on this it basically says
for at least half an hour each day turn off everything you can that makes a noise so there is quiet. Then let her take the lead. Everything she does give her a comentary i.e ' Your climbing up the stairs' its suppose to help with attention span.
My ds is the same so have just started doing this, not sure if its working but he's loving the undivided attention he gets at these times.

Katemum Thu 11-Aug-05 21:35:41

Not got any tips but this will improve as she gets older.

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