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I want to thank you all for ......................

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Louise1970 Thu 11-Aug-05 16:17:13

helping me over the past few months will all my ds1 & dd2 behaviour problems & food problems, etc. Also helping me with my various problems with myself. Many of you know i have crohns disease and have been fighting with doctors, hv, mw, consultants, pead, dieticieans.

Yestuday i saw the top of top pead consultant. He was lovely. He confirmed what i had been saying to all the medical professions that i visited (there were many) that both my children and i are allergic to dairy. We had cut out 90% of dairy but the other 10% was still affecting us. I am so releived that finally someone listerned to me etc. Apart from mr dp we are all going to be eating the same food from now on, a dairy free one. I feel very low though today as i keep blaming myself for giving my children the problem. The consultant did say that it was connected to the family history, and that can only mean me as i am the only ill one.

My last request to you all is, i now need recipes for cakes biscuits, and normal food that are dairy free. i also need to know some dairy free ranges of food, where can you buy them. Are there any online. How do you make dairy free ice cream? Can i buy chocolate? Is there any thing i should avoid when looking at labels. Went to asda last night. Couldn't believe how so much stuff had milk or cheeses in it. Anyone know an alternative to yoghurts apart from alpro. My list is endless.

I will post a copy of this on the food and allergy section too.

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