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press ups

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dobbin Wed 10-Aug-05 21:41:21

My ds1, 13 weeks, cannot yet lift his head while lying on his front. Until his 8 week check, I'd never put him on his front because of the whole 'sleeping on their backs' thing. At his 8 week check the HV asked if he could lift his head while lying on his front and I did not know. Since then I've been putting him on his front for up to 5 mins several times a day and all he manages is to get upset or to try to squish his face into the mat.
Apparently he should practically be doing press ups by now. He's fine at holding his head steady and looking around when I sit him on my lap but I'm wondering whether he should be donig more work on his pecs to get that chest off the floor... Any comments or opinions welcomed.

sfg Wed 10-Aug-05 21:44:31

DS2 is nine months and has never liked being on his tummy. He can now lie on his tummy and push himself up a bit for a wee while, something DS1 mastered at about 4 months. Useless at rolling as well, but I think he's just not interested.

My GP at the 8 month check wasn't that worried, she said just keep putting him on his front and he will get used to it.

Feffi Wed 10-Aug-05 21:49:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dobbin Mon 15-Aug-05 22:51:08

Thanks for these suggestions. Feffi, I took your advice and ds seemed perfectly happy on his front over my knees and had no trouble holding his head up and looking around. The doctor checked his head control on Friday following previous concerns and said his strength is now good. I shall persevere with tummy time and I'm sure he'll get there eventually.
I appreciate your responses and help.

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