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Anyone had this much problems with teething?

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Charlee Mon 08-Aug-05 15:03:24

I think Ds is teething he has all the classic signs, dribbling, pulling his ears, grizzly, not eating hard food gross nappies! he has one tooth but no more yet, hes 11 months.

But i am finding it harder to cope somedays, hes gone from a perfect sleeper to waking every couple of hours through the night, and all i can do is give him a drink to get him to sleep this goes on till about 4am when he will wake and NOT sleep again.

All through the day he cries wantng to be picked up, he refuses to sit or lay down and makes himself all stiff when i try to put him down, hes usually happy to sit onthe floor and play with his toys, hes desperate to walk so is only happy when im holding his hands so he can walk about but i cant do this all day!

the main problem id dp starts work at 6zm and is finding it impossible to work well as hes so tired from ds waking at night and hes a driver so this is dangerous!

i have tried, baby nurofen, calpol, medised, bonjela and calgel and homeopathic remedies and these are having little or no effect, Did anyone else have lots of problems whilst teething and did it resolve its self quickly?

Littlefish Mon 08-Aug-05 15:22:07

I'm just here to commiserate! My 8 month old dd has gone from being a wonderful sleeper to waking up almost every night and staying awake for a couple of hours. She has sprouted 4 teeth in the last 2 - 3 weeks and I can only think that the waking is because of those pesky teeth.

We too have tried Calpol, Medised, Teetha granules, cold water, bonjela etc. and none of them are working for us either.

You are not alone .

Charlee Mon 08-Aug-05 15:23:20

Thank god! can anyone help!!

otto Mon 08-Aug-05 15:29:33

No you are not alone. Ds seems to suffer terribly with his teeth. He's been waking every few hours for the last two weeks and it's definitely teething. It makes him really short-tempered in the day time too. When he cut his first molars he had a high temperature, threw up and came out in a rash as well as all the other more usual symptoms. I've tried all the same things as you and nothing really works. Thankfully ds only has four molars, plus two canines to go and I'm hoping that whichever teeth are causing the problem at the moment are through by the time we go on holiday.

MMG Wed 10-Aug-05 11:59:27

glad to hear i`m not alone little boy 15months is awful when teething, won`t eat or have formula, has a rash, bad tempered, can`t sleep for long day or night, high temp, poor thing he gets so poorly at times when its really bad we just have to bear with it and give him 24hrs attention which is tough but what else can we do, medised is good as it helps them to sleep but i don`t think there is anything that will really take all the pain and symtoms away. i do take him out in the car or go out in the pushchair for a long walk which does help to sooth him but as sson you get back in the house its awful again, we have had 2 weeks at a time like this until the tooth appears.....sorry i can`t offer any solutions )

Charlee Mon 15-Aug-05 19:31:05

thank god im not alone! i find ds really hard to cope with when hes teething he seems to spend all day crying! i love him to bits so i feel bad about getting stressed! hes also on the verge of walking so hes frustrated at that at the same time!

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