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just weed on potty

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mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 14:11:00

just wanted to let u know!!!
after no interest at all he just did it!!!!

Louise1980 Sat 06-Aug-05 14:12:29

Well done to him!!!!!

Im so proud! How old is he?

My ds1 lkearned to ride his bike with out stablisers today! And ds2 learned to peddle his!!

Nemo1977 Sat 06-Aug-05 14:13:36

aww fantastic MTS My ds[21mths] did his first proper on potty wee this week and has done a ocuple more since...feels

mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 14:17:56

wow what clever munchkins!!!
he is turned 2 and half. refused point blank to use potty!! till now!

Nemo1977 Sat 06-Aug-05 14:18:58

MTS well now hes done it and fuss has been made then am sure it will be plain [ish] sailing from

mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 14:19:48

hope so. thought he was never going to bother..blass!!!

mumtosomeone Sat 13-Aug-05 08:05:39

not bothered since!!!
Think he will be in nappies for ever!!!
Cant be bothered myself just now! Will tackle it in a week or so!

Nemo1977 Sat 13-Aug-05 09:10:10

lool MTS ds has been the same..he did it once a day for 3 days then on 4th day i wasnt quick enough with potty so he had an accident on the floor...since then nothing.

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 09:20:22

You have to take the nappy off and brave the accidents IME. They won't wee on the potty otherwise. Go on, go for it! My ds3 is 2.6 too and I started potty traiaing him this week. There are loads of us doing i right now and sharing ups and downs on MN.

Nemo1977 Sat 13-Aug-05 09:25:11

Lonely mum i dont mind the accidents but still think ds is too young hes only 22mths so I dont mind it when he is leading but dont want to push him too soon.

mumtosomeone Sat 13-Aug-05 09:27:43

wouldnt even attempt till 2.5 unless they show interest!!!
Not really bothered he will do it when ready!
I need a bit of me time just now. will see if i can get him going next week or week after when things quieten down a bit. Starts pg so need to make an effort I suppose!

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 09:33:26

Nemo, oh yes I agree. 22 months is much younger than I would attempt it too.

But MTS, my ds3 is 2 and a half and he is coping pretty well I think. I potty trained my three others at a later age, but I am trying to do ds3 now as he is supposed to start playgroup in Sept and needs to be out of nappies to do so.

If you are waiting for your child to initiate taking off the nappy and putting on pants though, you might wait forever! None of my chldren ever showed the least inclination to not wear nappies, until I told them they were coming off! But they were all trained within about 2/3 weeks and the training always began with a few days of puddles eveywhere and me despairing that they will ever do it!

But I agree with you that you have to give up some days to intensive training so be prepared for that.

mumtosomeone Sat 13-Aug-05 09:36:25

must disagree!!!
I have 5 children 3 trained themselves!! Waiting for number 4 to show a bit more interest..he is starting to! They cant turn you away from pre-school for being in nappies. Can say they have no where or no one to change him! You can go in to do the changing!
Dont see the point in getting stressed out.

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 09:39:04

Lucky you. None of mine showed the least interest and I do feel a normal three year old should be out of nappies during the day at least.

I don't know the ins and outs of what the playgroup can say or not say, but I am not going to make waves and I don't want my ds to be the only child there in nappies.

mumtosomeone Sat 13-Aug-05 09:41:46

Dont want a confrontational!!!!
'normal' what is that?!

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 09:48:13

Well a child who does not have mental or physical disabilities.

mumtosomeone Sat 13-Aug-05 09:48:51

i think often by 2 and a half they are ready. but some arnt and that doesnt make them abnormal as you suggest

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 09:52:15

I didn't suggest that at all. I said by three, they should be potty trainable. If I thought a child of 2.5 was abnormal if still in nappies, I would be condemning all four of my children to abnormality!

However, I do not think that a child of three, without physical or mental difficulties, is un-trainable. I am afraid I am going to be very unPC here and say that I think in that case it is usually down to a lack of determination on the part of the parent. Go on, shoot me down in flames.

Lonelymum Sat 13-Aug-05 09:53:39

I do agree with you on the sleep training issue though, having just seen your post on that thread!

biglips Sat 13-Aug-05 09:54:06

hooray well done

mumtosomeone Sat 13-Aug-05 09:56:12

cant be bothered to argue! you may have seen me on another thread too!!
I just dont thin its worth starting to introduce a potty if a child isnt interesteed! A potty is always around , but if it is causing upset and stress what is the point!

jenkel Sat 13-Aug-05 10:23:54

We tried DD at 2 1/2, had a terrible time, she had nightmares, was just getting far to stressed about it all so I put her back in nappies, I wanted my happy little girl back. Tried again just before her 3rd birthday, we didnt have one single accident and she ignored the potty and goes on the toilet. So, I believe there is a time when they are ready themselves and it makes life a lot easier if you do potty/toilet training at that time. Her friend is 3 years 2 months and still in nappies and his mum is having a terrible time with it so she has also given up. Dont think its fair to put your child through so much stress, I'm sure they will get there eventually.

mumtosomeone Sat 13-Aug-05 11:19:18

well said Jenkl. why are there more of us around!! so many people are hung up about should be doing this now etc. do it when thewy are ready!!!
How many go to school in nappies at 5?
We are in too much of a hurry for our children to grow up. Believe me they do that fast enough without any help!!!

Poots Sat 13-Aug-05 11:29:09

My 28 month old dd did her first potty wees and even a poo yesterday, I was thrilled.

My ds was nearly 4 before he was able to come out of nappies, he was (and is) a 'one thing at a time' child and if engrosed in an activity couldn't think about anything else. Now he is 6 he is fine apart from the mess when he tries to go quickly to get back to something!

I tried with DD just after she turned 2 (because the weather was warm enough to go bare-bottomed)but she seemed too nervous, she could hold her wee for hours and hours but begged for a nappy to go in. I didn't want to traumatise her so gave it a break.

She's not yet 2 1/2 so I know it is a little early but she has really sensitive skin, she only needs to have contact with her own waste for a few minutes to get a very enflamed and sore bot (regardless of what kind of nappies I used) so it seems kinder to try to get her out of them as soon as possible.

flamesparrow Sat 13-Aug-05 11:29:22


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