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Disturbed sleep after starting nursery

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Pennies Fri 05-Aug-05 21:02:58

DD (11months) is in her first full week at nursery aftr having had a gradual two week induction period. Over the past two nights she's not been sleeping well at all - she wakes up when her sleep cycle takes her into light sleep and cries before going back to sleep. She's never done this before - has always slept like a log from day 1.

How do I deal with it? What is making her do this? Am worried that by going to her when she cries we will develop a dependency / attachment prob yet I feel sorry for her as she sounds distressed.

Any advice?

Tumblemum Fri 05-Aug-05 21:30:04

Pennies, my ds was a bit unsettled when he started nursery had a few nightmares with terrible screaming, the type that you don't even think about not going to them IYKWIM, I would say trust your instincts re the crying only you will know on an intuitive level if your baby needs you. Sometimes ds just moans when he is asleep and I would not immediately go to him, but wait and see.
Going back to his night terrors he settled in to nursery and they stopped after a few weeks. I found it a hard time for me, still do if I am honest hate leaving him, so go easy on yourself do whatever feels right for you and your family.
Take care

derbymom Wed 10-Aug-05 20:56:56

Hi Pennies my daughter was 11 months when she started nursery FT and like yours had always slept 12 hours a night. She was unsettled for a few weeks - gradually getting better. First couple of nights wouldn't even sleep in cot. I think it's just their way of coping as it is a big change for a baby who is used to being at home with mum all the time.

So hopefully it will get better. She still has the odd night of waking prematurely, v upset end difficult to settle but in the main has settled down. Only person suffering now is me because I miss her so much when I'm not with her.

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