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Lennie Tue 08-Jul-03 09:33:32

DS is 11 months and one of his new forms of communication is very loud screeching. It can really be very loud and piercing at times. He's done it for a few months, but lately it has become more frequent.

I don't think he does it for attention, as he'll often screech when I am right next to him playing or interacting in some way with him.

I think that I'd best discourage this habit and encourage him to lower the volume, but I don't know how to do it. Any suggestions?

Ness73 Tue 08-Jul-03 10:30:39

Good luck because I haven't had any!! DD is 13 months and loves to screech. I swear it could shatter glass at times! I think it's just part of them beginning to express themselves/communicate/make their presence felt so not much we can do about it.

Eeek Tue 08-Jul-03 10:33:13

I agree with Ness73 that it's the start of communication - have you tried screeching back? If I do it ds is absolutely thrilled and we can 'converse' for quite a while. It does seem to have taken the edge off the ear shattering tone too.

Lennie Wed 09-Jul-03 02:16:53

I do when we're at home but it's not always appropriate when we're in public

I don't want to stifle his communication but it's pretty unpleasant sometimes for other people (usually men who complain) and it makes me uncomfortable if we're out having a meal or something.

dot1 Wed 09-Jul-03 08:53:38

good idea Eeek - when our 19 month old ds screeches, I sometimes screech back a couple of time, but then I start whispering and he tries to copy me! Can help to break the screech cycle (especially at Tesco's...!)

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