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approaching 15 months......i need some advice

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MMG Fri 05-Aug-05 11:28:51

Do they go through a development stage at 15 months? my little boy is 15 months 2mora. Every time he goes through a development stage things change, he`s all over the place at the mo, he gets tired more as he is so active and running around and sleeps less during the day. He gets overtired in the eve then dosn`t want his bath and takes ages to get to sleep even though he is clearly tired, i have brought his routine forward by an hour - dinner 5.30, bath 6.45, bottle and bed 7.15ish. He gets really clingy and can get naughty when tired as i guess he can`t control his emotions so i comfort him and tell him its ok. He had his MMR 3 weeks ago and hasn`t been too well since, has had high temp often but no ther signs of illness but i think he may be teeting again too! Has anyone had these problems too? should i be doing something different?


fqueenzebra Fri 05-Aug-05 11:33:36

mmmmm.... toddlers are hard work. this is the mindless path of self-destruction age (climbing, etc.). Stays like this until 2yo, or older with some.

My youngest is almost 14 months, yours sounds like mine. I had to cuddle mine for 5 minutes yesterday just because he was scared to push a toy lest he fall down again & hurt himself again. Silly blighter.

MMG Fri 05-Aug-05 11:46:28

Climbing....he trys to climb onto everything! loves playing in the sink or trying to open the back door by standing on a chair. I do set him limits and he gets so angry but its tough i say to myself as if i let you do all that the like what sort of child will be become!

gigglinggoblin Fri 05-Aug-05 11:52:05

ds3 is 14 months and is tired very early in the evening atm. he used to go to bed about 7pm, is now usually 6 and he still sleeps through (we do a bit of baby signing and he is actually asking us to put him in bed at this time). he also has a sleep of 1-2 hours just before lunch. one thing i have noticed is that if we leave him until he is overtired he takes ages to get off to sleep, he is then more tired in the morning and overtired for his nap so sleeps less then too. could you maybe put him in bed earlier?

i dont normally bother with a bath every night as there just isnt time, it doesnt do him any harm at all. mine is also teething so is going through a fair bit of calpol atm. he is just so active now, has started walking all over the place and often wanders round town instead of being in his pram the whole time. its no wonder he is getting tired!

is a very lovely age tho, think this is about my favourite time with them

MMG Fri 05-Aug-05 12:04:23

yes it is a great age, usually he is very good but its just the last few weeks, will bath him earlier then he can go to bed earlier if he is tired or no bath at all as its no big deal, bath usually get him in the mood for bed, i guess he is going through alot of changes, bless!

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