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tips on getting 2.5 y/o out of my bed?

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Caththerese1973 Thu 04-Aug-05 15:36:15

I separated a few months ago from ex-dp, since then dd (2.5) and I sleep in the same bed. We are moving house soon and I think I should take advantage of the new envronement to get her in her own bed. Any tips? Eg how to deal with 'mummy don't leave me!' type remarks, how to keep child in bed, how to enforce bedtime without being too mean.
I don't actually mind sleeping with her, but worry about how it might affect her sense of independence as months go by.

chocolatequeen Thu 04-Aug-05 21:44:32


Am sure she must have some memory of not sleeping with you (ie she hasn't done it since she was born or anything), so that's a good starting point. Can you take her to see the new house before you move in and show her the bedroom? Maybe she can choose some furniture to put in it, or you can paint something she already has together that can go in her 'big girl' room. Have you got some friends with kids that you can take her to their houses and show her the kids' beds and the mummy beds to explain that it is ok to stay in beds on your own?

You never know, she may just accept it without a second thought (perhaps wishful thinking there...!).

My DS went through a stage of coming in to our bed in the night and wouldn't go back without hours of screaming etc, and also wouldn't go to sleep on his own. I ended up lying with him on his bed til he fell asleep for about a month, then the next month I said I was going to sit by the door and read my book, then I sat outside the door where he could see me, and then I started doing the ironing in the next door room. Perhaps if she does kick up a fuss about being in there alone, maybe you could try it? You get lots of ironing done that way.....

Hope this helps!

KiwiKate Fri 05-Aug-05 10:53:45

I'd go for the "all at once" approach personally.

But make her room really lovely - especially the bed - even if you have to shell out a bit for a lovely duvet, or maybe a new doll for her to "look after" at night. Make it an adventure (maybe she is the princess and the bed is her palace?). Make it an exciting adventure if possible.

Good luck

loupylou Sat 06-Aug-05 21:27:56

i'd start bedtime routine now, bath book and bed kind of thing, and explain she will have new room in new house and this is the way it will, she will have bath book bed... and mummy will put her to bed, be there in the morning. She can read in bed if she chooses, kind of thing, and then do it. Hopefully she'll be getting used to the routine and be preparing herself for when she moves. It may still be hard, but stick to your guns and you'll find so much more time for that ironing oh and yourself. We also have a stairgate on dd door to prevent her falling down stairs when half asleep, however she reads in bed and doesn't even get up to play with her toys.

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