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When do newborns react to sound/voices?

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Elizabeth22 Sat 15-May-10 13:08:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maranello Sat 15-May-10 13:12:19

i think it's normal. are you in the uk? he'll have his newborn hearing test very soon, won't he, so i really wouldn't worry till then. and i'd stop the unexpected sounds - could be a bit frightening!

Rossco Sat 15-May-10 13:16:47

It varied with each of mine. DS4 was great though, he was 4 days old and screaming SCBU down at 4am, they called the ward and asked me to come up and as I walked in I said "who's making all that noise then?" He was instantly quiet and his head turned towards me. The midwife holding him was stunned and said "Someone knows his Mummys voice!"

Don't remember any of the other 3 doing it quite so spectacularly or so early.

lolalotta Sat 15-May-10 13:16:57

I think our little one did startle at loud noises... but I'm sure there is quite a range of what is "normal". I think our health visitor did a hearing test at a home visit pretty early 10 days maybe(sorry it's still all a bit of a blur)so hopefully it won't be too long until you get some reassurance. If you are worried maybe have a chat to your HV or midwife.

Al1son Sat 15-May-10 13:29:28

All babies have a reflex from birth that makes them react by moving their arms out when there is very sudden very loud noise. It's called the Moro reflex and happens when they are dropped downwards too.

They do hear and recognise familiar voices form birth but I wouldn't expect a newborn to turn towards a particular voice and but would expect him to do it within the first three months. It takes quite a lot of coordination to do that.

If you are concerned you need to speak to your health visitor who will probably put your mind at rest.

Elizabeth22 Sun 16-May-10 12:22:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maranello Wed 19-May-10 17:45:35

hi Elizabeth, hope your HV was helpful

AngelDog Wed 19-May-10 19:43:55

I would ask your HV when the hearing test is likely to be done, if you've not had it already. Ours was done in hospital the morning after DS was born, although I know a friend who had a homebirth had to wait a few days for her DS's hearing test.

Elizabeth22 Wed 07-Sep-11 09:57:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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