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Grasping objects/hands in first few months

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Mojo030473 Thu 04-Aug-05 10:26:29

All the baby development books I've read say that babies will tightly grasp things for first couple of months - I don't find that my 8 week old DD is wanting to grasp anything - and I've tried putting things like my finger into her hand, but she's not interested, in fact, she much prefers to keep her hands in a tight fist. Should I worry?

Littlefish Thu 04-Aug-05 10:50:18

Hi mojo, slightly different for me, but still to do with hand development.

My dd was still keeping her hands in tight fists at 3 months old. I mentioned it to the HV who wanted to keep an eye on it. At five months, she was still "batting" at things with her fists, rather than opening her hands to grab them. I took her to see the GP who said that the muscle tone was fine and that he wasn't concerned. However, at her 8 month check with the HV, my dd couldn't/wouldn't use a pincer grip at all and kept her thumb tucked behind her fingers. She will open her hands up wide for larger objects, but when faced with small objects, just keeps her thumbs tucked in and prods them with her first finger. We're going back to see the GP tomorrow.

The first time we saw him, my GP said that children just develop at different rates - afterall, they haven't read the development books! If you are at all concerned, mention it to your HV, or just mention it to your GP next time you are in.

Mojo030473 Thu 04-Aug-05 12:35:59

Thanks littlefish, that's good advice. I'll not worry for the moment then. Hope your visit to GP goes well tomorrow.

Kelly1978 Thu 04-Aug-05 12:38:15

I thinkt hat is pretty normal at that age. I have four and mine generally batted at things from about 2 months, but didn't really grab stuff until 3-4 mnths. My dts are now 4 mnths, and can grab things now but drop them very easily. Also, it is far easier if you let them have muslins to grab at rather than rattles, etc.

Littlefish Thu 04-Aug-05 13:55:20

Yes Kelly, that's a really good point about the muslins. My dd didn't really like holding hard things in her hands, but loved holding soft, pliable things like muslins because she could get a much better grip.

KiwiKate Fri 05-Aug-05 06:38:58

DS didn't hold things until about 4 months. Even then he was not particularly interested. But at 7 mo he was unscrewing bottle tops (and putting them back on at 8 months). He has excellent fine motor coordination. He is now 2.3yo and has not had any problems, and is ahead of his peers in many respects.

They all develop at different rates (most baby books tell you that their dates for development are only averages and vary according to the child). You will drive yourself nuts if you expect your baby to do what the books say.

By all means get it checked if you are worried. Personally, I found those baby books only stressed me, and I stopped reading them after about the first week.

Littlefish Fri 05-Aug-05 12:19:42

Just to let you know that the GP is going to refer dd to a paediatrician to see whether we need to see an occupational therapist. Luckily (or possibly unluckily), dd reached for something with her thumbs tucked firmly underneath so that the GP could see what I was talking about .

Kelly1978 Fri 05-Aug-05 12:21:17

Good luck with the paediatrician.

Mojo030473 Mon 08-Aug-05 12:28:09

She's actually started grabbing muslins when I put them in her hand - thanks for advice Kelly. Littlefish - hope all is ok at the paediatricians.

Nightynight Mon 08-Aug-05 12:39:36

glad to hear that Mojo. My dd1 didnt hold anything for about 3 months. Her hands just didnt seem strong enough, or she didnt know what to do with them.
I used to tie a crinkly plastic baguette wrapper to dd's car seat - the sort with holes in, it made a nice noise when she grabbed it, and it was easy for her little hands to hold.

Littlefish Mon 08-Aug-05 12:59:52

That's good to hear mojo.

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