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What on earth do you do when your child goes into a complete meltdown?!

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collision Wed 03-Aug-05 22:48:46

.......apart from beat them with a stick!!

DS was great all day and we made things and did sticking and playdough. He played with his friend all day and then his Granny arrived with a present which he loved. He came home and decorated biscuits with icing and jelly diamonds etc

We were eating the biscuits at teatime when he realised I had accidentally squashed a diamond and he totally freaked out.....for 40 mins!! Screaming, crying, demanding another one. I didnt give in and told him to stop being so silly. He was furious and in the end I put him in PJs and said he had to go to sleep. He got 2 stories but no 'madeup' story which are his favourite.

You might say he was tired, which I would agree with, but these happen daily at any time of day. He did the same with DH at 10am yesterday because of some ridiculous reason and I am fed up with it.

He is 3.4 years old.

And he is up for sale to a good home.

KristinaM Wed 03-Aug-05 22:50:25

sory i have enough tantrums here at home without any more. especially as I notice you are selling him and not giving him away free with a packet of Persil

TwinSetAndPearls Wed 03-Aug-05 22:50:37

put her in the garden or in a room on her own until she calms down.

mummylonglegs Wed 03-Aug-05 22:51:34

Message deleted

emkana Wed 03-Aug-05 22:51:55

I know these situations very well. I used to think that I should "stand firm" and not give in and all that, but now I'm more inclined to give in when it doesn't really matter. For example yesterday dd1 was very upset because she wanted to push the button at the traffic lights, but I pressed it... something really silly, but I did go back with her and let her press it and she was okay then. I also tell her though that I don't like it when she makes such a drama and that we lose time that way which might mean we can't do other things.

collision Wed 03-Aug-05 22:54:01

OK, Kristina, packet of digestives and a 3 year old boy!! Overnight would do!!!!!

I do love him so much though. He is lovely but these outbursts are more than I can take at times.

TwinSetAndPearls Wed 03-Aug-05 23:04:24

My dd went inot meltdown this morning over a bowl of porridge, it took over an hour to calm her down. She screamed, jumped up and down, kicked the wall, scratched herself.

I had to phone a friend with her in the background going beserk as I could feel that she was getting to me and I knew that I could talk to a friend and be calm but if I spoke to dd I would go mad at her.

spidermama Wed 03-Aug-05 23:08:08

I find my 5 year old ds often 'loses it' after we've had a particularly nice day. It's probably a culmination of tiredness and the come down after a good time.

It's infuriating isn't it? I just ride it and try to ignore it. It ususally ends as suddenly as it began.

TwinSetAndPearls Wed 03-Aug-05 23:09:57

SM I so don't want to hear that dd might still be doing it when she is 5 - I had hoped we were nearing the end of tantrum phase.

ChicPea Wed 03-Aug-05 23:13:12

My DD who is 3 in Sept has her fits every now and then over something which is trivial to me but important to her. The moment it starts I used to say "please stop" but she wouldn't so I would lead her out of the room and close the door saying "you can come back in when you have stopped" so she would scream/cry for 2-5mins, stop, then call through the door "Hemie stopped". She was then allowed back into the room. I made sure I lead her out every time this happened in an instant and she quickly calmed down and I would then explain why she couldn't have something or why she misunderstood, etc. Now when she has a fit, I say to her "quickly leave the room" without leading her out and she says quickly "Hemie stopped" and she calms down and of course I let her stay in the room. I then distract her and that's the end of it. I have been consistent with this and it's worked whether she is tired or not.

KristinaM Wed 03-Aug-05 23:14:31

Chocolate digestives?

pipkins Wed 03-Aug-05 23:47:58

Hi.My ds is nearly 4 and exactly the same.His toast has to be buttered and cut a certain way and if a biscuit has a tiny piece out of it he does'nt want it.
I just walk away now and ignore him where as before i would try and redtify the situation but found i was just fuelling his tantrum.

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