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"You don't want a book; they're not very interesting"

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Hulababy Wed 03-Aug-05 21:47:11

That was the sad comment I overheard, among others, in ELC today.

I was in there today, looking at books for DD, as they were in the sale. DD is 3y 4m and she adores books. She literally has hundreds of books, of varying types. And she will sit and read to, or will read to herself/her dollies for ages at a time. Books have been a big part of DD's life since being weeny, and I hope it will stay like this.

However, there was a couple in there with their little boy, who was maybe 2 or 3. He was quite tall/big, but not talking much - so maybe the former. Anyway, he was onbviously being bought something for himself, and he had the choice of what he wanted. The little boy started to look at books, but his arents (both sadly appeared to agree with each other) made this sad comment.

"You don't want a book; they're not very interesting"

The little boy was originally quite determined to keep looking at the books, but his parents were having none of it. They rubbished his comments about the books And finally guided him off to look at toys.

Just felt sad about it. Books are really big in our house, and feel that the little boy is being asked to miss out by not being encouraged when he shows an interest.

katymac Wed 03-Aug-05 21:53:20

por kid - it's obviously the parents who are uninteresting

books are the ba all & end all for both DD & I
DP doesn't read much and even he knows how much he is missing

BadHair Wed 03-Aug-05 21:55:09

Perhaps they meant that the particular books on display weren't interesting, rather than all books?

MrsGordonRamsay Wed 03-Aug-05 21:55:36

That is awful, every time the book man comes DS gets new books, he loves them.

Yorkiegirl Wed 03-Aug-05 21:55:47

Message withdrawn

jessicaandbumpsmummy Wed 03-Aug-05 21:56:02

I cant believe that, totally shocked! Jess is only 12 months old and has about 12 books already and loves them.... even crawls over to our bookshelf and pulls books off and flips the pages. Books are HUGE in my family, me and DH love reading (when we get the chance!) and I had a reading age of an 11 year old at 6 years old.... I hope Jess is like that.

clary Wed 03-Aug-05 21:58:57

oh hula how sad that is.
We love books here, have so many we have to have a cull every now and then.
ds2's new habit (picked up from dd, 4) is to point to appropriate people in the book "that's me" "that's ds1", "that's dd" etc.
Doing the library reading scheme with ds1 over the summer, what a good idea that is too.

Hulababy Wed 03-Aug-05 22:00:53

We cull too. DD's first books and the ones she is now too old for (picture books, basic lift the flap, etc_ have all gone. I usually either sell/give them away via MN or take them to DD's nursery.

Glad that there are, seemingly, more of us who encourage early access to books than those who don't.

ilovehorses Wed 03-Aug-05 22:03:39

we started reading to dd and ds from birth and they had bedtime stories from one. They are both excellent readers according to the school and we visit the library from when they were 8 months old and books are their friends. They even play libraries a lot.

edam Wed 03-Aug-05 22:04:20

I hope badhair's right but the little boy obviously found them interesting... even if you didn't like reading yourself, surely you'd buy a book for your child if they wanted one? Wouldn't you?
Poor little boy - what chance does he have?

Angeliz Wed 03-Aug-05 22:06:30

That is sad!
DD2 has lots of books and dd2 appears to be going the same way, she goes beserk trying to get the book at bedtime.
I LOVE reading.

Hulababy Wed 03-Aug-05 22:06:59

Don't think so badhair. He was looking at a few. They were typical toddler type books - lots of big bold pictures, little stories, some had sound or moving bits. the little boy really seemed interested. The parents just weren't interested in any of the books he was looking at at all. Couldn't understabd why he would want some book inside of a lovely nice toy!

swedishmum Wed 03-Aug-05 23:11:31

So sad. I have an addiction to books.
Must say I've noticed dh doesn't have the same love for them. Turns out dh has decided he's dyslexic when ds was tested. I make dh hold a book from time to time even if he doesn't read it to provide a good role model, and he actually enjoyed The DaVinci Code. I know he's a kinaesthetic learner, but children need to learn to love books somewhere.

Although I am working on my Ottakers and Waterstones addictions as I speak. If anyone needs KS2 resources try me first as I have more than the local library!

Hulababy Thu 04-Aug-05 10:06:51

I agree that children should get to see mum and dad, and others, enjoying books whenever they can.

Maddison Thu 04-Aug-05 14:03:56

Oh that's really very sad; maybe if the parents read to him he may have talked more iyswim

One of the first things we bought for DS1 was a set of 5 books each with 3-4 stories in them - and he wasn't even born!!

mumtosomeone Thu 04-Aug-05 14:19:12

I was knew a little girl who wouldnt look at a book because she couldnt read! I told her she could 'read' the story and sat with her asking her about the pictures! She was very bright and eventually asked about the words!
Children can read pictures from very young.
When i was Pregnant with ds1 my niece used to read to my bump..he is now a total book adict!!!

mumbee Thu 04-Aug-05 15:07:51

recent heard a story about a child who was told he could not read but was given a book to read in class after months of working in special groups. this child asked the teacher what the first word was 'the'. Shortly after the child had made a lot of noise reading out loud sounding the letters, gradually the child became quiter at the end of the book he asked the teacher for more books like that. You can imagine the pride the teacher felt!! Some times even if you can not read or have time to give anyone reading material on their particular interest will start reading. That lillte boy will lot just miss out on reading but imagination skills will be missing in his life hopefully at school they will keep him interested. We all love books here

madmarchhare Thu 04-Aug-05 15:10:37

We joined the library today

batters Thu 04-Aug-05 15:33:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dillydally Thu 04-Aug-05 15:42:35

Sad but not entirely unusual
My exs mad mum wouldnt buy DD books for her birthday as I suggested as and I quote "What would she want them for, she cant read" thus proving herself to be quite stupid. DD still cant read (only being very nearly two) but adores wibbly pig and reads the words in her own special way (well points at them and jabbers)
perhaps the couple were not parents but well meaning aunty / uncle types who wanted to splurge?

Hausfrau Thu 04-Aug-05 15:48:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hercules Thu 04-Aug-05 15:53:23

A woman I knew years ago told me it was pointless having books until they could read......

Slightly aside ds was teaching a younger child to swing on the park swings yesterday. The mum came up and told the other boy to fucking learn how to do it! Ds was shocked and left.

Windermere Thu 04-Aug-05 16:32:12

That is really sad. Ds is nearly 1 and he loves books. Reading to your child is also a good opportunity for a cuddle .

lucy5 Thu 04-Aug-05 16:42:37

Myself and dd are complete bookworms. But to be honest, i was in ELC in Gibraltar the other day and were completely uninspired by their range of books, there were very few and the stock hasn't changed for months. I put it down to being Gibraltar but maybe not. It could have been a comment about the books on display, at least thats what i'm hoping!

Hulababy Thu 04-Aug-05 17:23:05

I do agree that ELC don't have the widest selection of fab books, but my point was that the little boy WAS interested in a few of the books there and the parents (sure they were his parents) just came across as being VERY UNINTERESTED in books full stop.

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