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is it likely that a 2.5 y/o would no longer need a nap?

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Caththerese1973 Wed 03-Aug-05 09:38:15

my dd, nearly two and half, will not have her nap until about four, then she doesn't wake until six, and then won't go to sleep for the night until 10.30 or so. If I skip the nap, she sleeps from about 8.30 pm until 8am next day. I'm wondering if I should just drop her nap. Although I am reluctant to because it gives me chance to do the work I need to do for my part-time teaching job (as well as a bit of a break!)
How old are kids when they drop the nap, as a rule? Is there anything else I could do to change this rather crappy pattern we're in?

Aimsmum Wed 03-Aug-05 09:40:49

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Wed 03-Aug-05 09:41:56

Sadly it is possible. My DD wasn't napping every day at that age, and before then too. She would have the odd nap - maybe 2 to 3 times a week for about 30 minutes or so in the afternon, but that was it.

Even now, and DD is now 3y 4m, I still miss those naps.

throckenholt Wed 03-Aug-05 09:42:46

anytime from about 2.5 is normal I think. My 2.5 year olds still need it (although they don't always think so - like yesterday).

LilacLotus Wed 03-Aug-05 09:43:03

my DD didn't nap anymore from her second birthday.

bobbybob Wed 03-Aug-05 09:45:11

Ds hasn't had a daytime nap for at least a year and he's 2.5 now. he does however have a rest in his cot (so he can't get out) most days. It's great on days we are out though because I don't need a buggy or to plan in a sleep.

When he has his "rest" which largely consists of singing along to a CD and talking to his various teddy bears, I do the stuff I need to do. We have a rule he can't ask for me (except for vomit or poo, or needing a big cuddle obviously) until the CD has finished.

I make sure if I have a lot to do I give a choice between 2 long CDs!

Kelly1978 Wed 03-Aug-05 09:49:59

mine oldest both stopped around the age of 2. they then go to bed at 6.30-7 so I prefer it that way.

WigWamBam Wed 03-Aug-05 09:52:19

If dropping the nap gives her an unbroken nights sleep from 8pm then it's probably time to drop the nap. At least you get the evening to yourself.

ilovehorses Wed 03-Aug-05 09:55:42

my dd stopped napping at 18 months and only had the ocassional nap when she was tired. I remember dd being very crappy at around 4 ish so I let her sleep. She would then sleep till about 7am the next morning. To be honest if she is tired then I would let her sleep as quite a long day for her, and better for you both to have a bit of peace in the day.

Arabica Wed 03-Aug-05 15:32:29

My DS was the same as yours--nap (never more than 45 minutes) was getting later and later until we just had to drop it or he was going to bed at midnight. Which was absolutely fine if we wanted to go out for dinner whilst on holiday, but no good for the other 50 weeks of the year. So from age 2 or so, no nap. Still only slept 11 hrs though. Every child has different sleep routines.

QueenOfQuotes Wed 03-Aug-05 15:36:55

DS1 stopped having any naps during the day from 18 months.

DS2 is now 20 months, and still has an afternoon nap but if he misses it for whatever reason copes just fine.

saadia Wed 03-Aug-05 16:12:42

Ds1, now 3.5 sleeps for a couple of hours between 3pm and 5pm, but he does then stay up late until we go to sleep.

I don't mind this as I like getting a break in the day and it's also good for dh, who normally gets home between 7.30 and 8, to spend time with ds. He plays with him and reads etc with him, so I think if ds went to bed earlier he would miss out on all this. Without the nap, ds is very cranky and out of control all evening.

Nemo1977 Wed 03-Aug-05 16:45:20

my ds has been cutting down on naps for the past 3 mths and he is now 21mths and has a nap 2 days a week...typical that its now i actually really need him to nap for my own

emkana Wed 03-Aug-05 20:05:47

My dd2 gave up daytime napping at 16 (!) months...

but at least she sleeps well at night, much better than dd1 at this age.

CelluliteQueen Wed 03-Aug-05 20:35:59

God I sympathise with you, I don't know how I'd manage to keep on top of things without DS having his afternoon nap. He was two yesterday and is a brilliant sleeper, 8pm to 9am at the mo and 2 hours in the afternoon. My mum keeps saying that I should be aiming towards him dropping his nap and going to bed earlier but I have to disagree. But if your DD won't have her nap til 4 and then won't go to bed til late then it is probably time to drop it. Good luck!

mummyhill Wed 03-Aug-05 20:45:27

DD stoped having a regular daytime nap at about 19 months. But she did then sleep through from 8-8. She will have an occassional doze if we go on a long car journey or if she is feeling ill.

swedishmum Wed 03-Aug-05 23:54:55

Baby 4 is starting to give up on naps - she's 18 months and that's the longest of any of them. Dd1 never slept in the day beyond about 7 months. This is the first time I've appreciated daytime naps as the other 3 were all under 3 so never slept at the same time anyway! I'm hoping to hold on to a quiet time in the cot for a few months.

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