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Naughty Step

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mismatch Tue 02-Aug-05 09:50:02

DS2 is 22 months. She is a lovely child generally, however she does have a fearsome temper if things aren't going her way - usually directed at her big sister who is 4.

Last night she didn't get her way and set about DD1. (She dosn't just hit once, it is like a flurry of punches and smacks) I pulled her away and sai No (name) thats naughty. She responds by glaring at me and then throwing herself face down on the sofa to sulk.

Do you think I should leave her like this and ignore her for a little while (how long?) or should I transfer her to the bottom stair (have never done this before but everyone sings it praises)

DD1 has always been a little angel so this is all new to me!!!!

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