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dd keeps scratching/hitting/pulling hair

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tammybear Sat 30-Jul-05 15:17:46

and its driving me nuts! dd is 2.5years old. she keep scratching me across the face and ive actually got a number of noticeable scars across my face now, she pulls my hair and hits me across the face too. its usually when im doing her nappy she does this. but now its usually any time that im down at her level. ive tried ignoring this, preventing it, telling her shes hurting me, shouting at her, punishing her (take her toys away or turn the tv off) but none of this is doing anything. she just carries on. what else can i do?

JOSIE3 Sat 30-Jul-05 15:22:44

Does she think it's funny? Or there any reason you can think of that she's doing it for?

tammybear Sat 30-Jul-05 15:28:00

sometimes she does it laughing if we've been messing around, sometimes she does it if shes upset with me, like ive said i need to change her nappy but shed rather carry on doing what she is doing. i cant think of a reason why shes doing this. it worries me about what shes like in nursery. like just now we were watching the wiggles, she was sat on my lap like usual, then she wanted to sit beside me so i moved over, and then she got upset, dont understand why so i knelt on the floor and said to her where do you want me to sit, she then scratched me on the face again, so i turned the wiggles off and said she had hurt me and pointed at the scratches i already have and said that i was upset and i dont want to be upset with her. she then cried and tried to turn the wiggles back on

JOSIE3 Sat 30-Jul-05 15:40:05

I think that you can put this down to her age.

Developmentally she thinks you know everything she knows and wants and feels.

Maybe when she starts getting physical ask her to tell you what she wants, I appreciate this will have to be done over and over again - but kids DO learn.

If you feel it is getting out of control, I feel she is old enough for time outs (though obviously each parent has their own views). Every singlw time she gets violent put in a corner/on stairs for a minute or so, telling her why she is there.

The nursery staff should be happy to talk to you about her behaviour while she is in their care.

tammybear Sat 30-Jul-05 15:49:02

thanks josie, will try that

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