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Toddlers who don't like going to sleep

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Mummymonster Fri 29-Jul-05 19:01:39

Ok, it may just be a phase, I know. I think I just need to share this.

DS (24mths) has just taken to stalling techniques at bedtime. He's really tired, wants to go to bed then starts doing things so he doesn't have to. Yesterday he spent ages wanting his potty (I'm just starting to introduce the potty to him after he started informing me of 'stinky poo') then wanting bed time story after story.

Tonight, he raced up the stairs, straight to his room and his cot. We read a book together the he asked for 'night on' I tucked him in with his teddy, put his nusery rhyme cd on and went to leave the room. As I went to the door he starts having screaming ab-dabs. He knows if he sits down he can stay somewhere, for example, a time out will be averted, and here is the utterly heartbreaking bit, he starts sobbing 'I sit down potty'.

I said he was very tired, we'd had a fab day, I loved him, sleep tight etc and left the room. He was crying when I went downstairs and I feel so bad. I don't know if I did the right thing. I don't want to give in to his stalling methods as I feel it will caused problems later, but I feel really bad about it all now.

Advice/comments highly appreciated as always. Thanks.

collision Fri 29-Jul-05 19:04:41

You have done just the right thing and well done!

I hate bedtime at times with the whole stalling technique. ds1 is 3.3yrs and still tries it but you do have to be tough and not give in or they will try it again and again. If he keeps crying just go in and give him a hug but dont give eye contact or chat to him. You might have to do this a few times but he will settle esp if he has had a busy day and is tired.

SofiaAmes Sat 30-Jul-05 14:13:25

mummymonster, I saw the title of this thread and I went into it to give advice. Except the advice I was going to give was exactly what you have done.
Don't feel bad or guilty. You have done the best thing for you and your child.
My dd hates going to bed as well. I think she gets it from me as I am 42 and I still hate going to bed (think sleeping is a terrible waste of time). I did exactly what you did. But bear in mind that you will have to repeat it every once in awhile as they do try it on again every so often.

Rarrie Sat 30-Jul-05 21:13:25

I don't know but if you find the solution, please tell me . My DD does the same, and I feel like banging my head against a brick wall sometimes.

Sorry, no help, but plenty of supportive thoughts!

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