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hitting and selective hearing!

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gully Thu 28-Jul-05 21:14:10

I feel a failure!I'm supposed to be a qualified nursery nurse!I have two children, nearly 3 years and 6months.6months is fantastic and just as well as 3 has sprouted horns and a forked tail! As with many of you when good he is a wonderful child and our home is a happy one. But recently (last couple of months) he has started hitting other children, me ,my husband. screaming , shouting and not listening. I have tried time out, star charts, ignoring negative behaviour and praising good.walking away from him so as not to give an audience. I reason with myself that 3 is still adjusting to siblings arrival, but then tell myself off for making excuses! I am confident that all will be ok in the end, but could do with some reassurance from someone who has found a light at the end of the tunnel.

Slink Thu 28-Jul-05 22:00:49

What about taking a fav toy? works for us the older she gets. They also play up when they know coz they are very clever when your tired and fed up with them. Hitting you and dh say other children won't want to play with them and that you get sad when he does that i am all for children seeing parents upset at times makes them see you get hurt too.My dd 4 now goes through this stage every now and again as for selective hearing i think that carries on forever sorry. I was a social worker but i think it is a stage they go through, you are a good mum take some time out for you!!
May not help but you are not alone. 1st day of school hols dd was a nightmare today xxxxx

gully Fri 29-Jul-05 10:13:11

thanks slink!
funny me and husband discussing other options last night and we have now a box which toys will visit when 3 behaves badly and when he is good will be rewarded by choosing a toy to get back. We will also reward him if at the end of the week there are no toys in the box!! I think yesterday was one of those days!! it does help to know that you're not alone and as for the selective hearing I feared the worst!! Hope the school hols get better for you.x

Groggymama Fri 29-Jul-05 10:23:30

agree with slink, you're not on your own. I've got ds1 3 and ds2 4months too! its been really hard and ds1 has been acting out of character lately, hitting dh and shouting, almost always in trouble. I hate to see him in the naughty corner all the time. I try and humour him out of silences, like say something he knows is wrong that will make him have to correct me. Hope in time it gets easier when ds2 can start interacting (aka fighting) with him! Good luck!

Slink Fri 29-Jul-05 15:25:41

Hi gully thought i would see how you are today???? hope today has been better for you. Mydd has helped wash the car pull the weeds and been shopping with me. Reward watch a dvd, xxxx

gully Sat 30-Jul-05 21:45:44

just a little note to slink and groggymama. I have felt so much better the last two days just knowing that our household is normal and everyone else is going through the same kind of situations. it's been a great help!!have put our first toy in the box with alot of screaming, but have been as good as gold since! time will tell if it has the desired out come!. ds2 is now getting about in his walker and whizzed up to ds1 and promptly bopped him on the head with his toy! ds1 shocked and came running for comfort. for ds1's benefit told ds2 that it wasn't very nice and also told ds1 that he had been watching him and maybe he could help mummy and daddy to teach him how to play nicely instead of hitting. he seemed to respond well to that suggestion. let's hope!! take care and good luck to you both xx

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