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Lets talk about 5/6 year old boys and what is normal please..

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meatntattypie Wed 21-Apr-10 18:13:54

ds is 6
he talks non stop, questions non stop.
bizzare questions, impossible to answer!
still cannot sit through an entire meal, up and down up and down
cant bear to be stuck indoors.
would be on his trampoline from 6am onwards if i let him
not interested in computers or computery type things (good)
Is unable to sit still for any more than a few minutes.

now you.......

idobelieveinfairies Wed 21-Apr-10 18:19:36

ds is 5

he talks non-stop, mainly about ben 10...and his friend Ben at school

he can sit through and entire meal..but that meal takes him about 5 seconds to eat and he is perched on the edge of his seat the whole time.

He is ok to be indoors but only if i let him use the couches as a trampoline. hmm

Not into computers either, that would mean he would have to sit!

Ds has low concentration but very intelligent, teachers are successfully increasing his concentration levels.

I think its great that he is so active, it means he sleeps well at night grin

helyg Wed 21-Apr-10 18:23:01

Apart from the computers bit (he can type better than he can write) you have just described DS2 who is 5 (almost 6).

ConnorTraceptive Wed 21-Apr-10 18:26:07

Sounds similar to ds1 who is 5 although he does like computers. Apparently puts his hand up for no reason in class but just because he's desperate to say something, anything as long as there are words leaving his mouth!

mintyfresh Wed 21-Apr-10 19:46:37

My ds is 5 nearly 6:

Obsessed with computers sad
Great at reading (cos he reads the games instructions on the computer!)
Writing and drawing miles behind his peers
Also asks incessant, strange questions
Hates going outside, but once outside hates coming indoors
Still has regular meltdowns especially around change
Erratic sleeper - often awake at 10pm after going to bed at 7.30....

frasersmummy Wed 21-Apr-10 20:02:40

my 5 year old cant sit still or remain quiet for more than about 1 min at a time

he will sit down long enough to eat his meals but its gulped down and then off again .. the whole time telling me what he could be doing instead of wasting his time eatinghmm

he isnt at school yet (we are in scotland) but he says he wants to read (really really want to be able to read mummy) but when i say come and we will do some letters or sounds...answer.. I'm too busy

He loves to role play at being fireman chief.. so when he is not talking to me he is yelling at his crew for being late/scruffy etc

isthatporridgeinyourzone Wed 21-Apr-10 20:14:15

My 5 yr old;

can't stop talking
is in a state of perpetual motion
can negotiate for the united nation
favourite words are "poo" and "fart"
manages to keep one buttock on chair at mealtimes - but only just
intelligent but writing is atrocious
would live outside
has hand in pants 99% of time, the other 1% it's up his nose
is a loving and happy little soul and lives life to the full.

CatJosephine Wed 21-Apr-10 20:18:09

My 5 yr old DS:

won't talk to me and hates being asked about his day
few questions, accepts things at face value
adores computers and anything mechanical
loves numbers
won't sit still at the table
cannot stand still

care4families Wed 21-Apr-10 20:40:14

When 5 years old DS
collected sticks, snails, tadpoles
would not write anything unless his teacher asked him to
loved dinosaurs
loved climbing, digging holes
ate non stop but not at the table
loved books
told jokes and made us laugh

taffetacat Wed 21-Apr-10 20:40:48

6 year old DS

loves sums, writing and being read to
will sit at desk in his room writing and writing out times tables for ages - at bedtime (geeeeek)
will read if likes the book
wants to play football and tennis all the time
always says he can't remember if I ask what he's done at school, except...
the best day of his life is every day he plays football for ages at lunchtime with his friends
likes to be the centre of attention
table manners need lots of work
impulse control minimal
has dreadful taste in music ( Queen, JLS hmm)
loves toilet humour
is sensitive and caring
is the most gorgeous boy in the world

Buddleja Wed 21-Apr-10 20:40:52

My 6 year old talks non stop
Asks questions by the bucket load (from crazy ones like 'why's that there is it's not here' the impossible to answer ones likes 'if there was nothing here before the world was made what made it?'
Doesn't like to sit still but does sit (all be it half on his seat) at the table until he's finished
Would be into computer games if I let him (to a worrying extent i fear!)
Just starting to understand blending in English but can read more fluently in the language of his schooling.
Enjoys doing sums shock The weirdo!!!

Eva2010 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:01:56

I want to know what kind of questions your children ask?

ClickNegg Wed 21-Apr-10 21:03:12

no they need to be able to sit.

Shaz10 Wed 21-Apr-10 21:06:41

I am a teacher. All your children sound brilliant. One of the best things about being a teacher IMO is seeing different children act differently every day. And they all clearly have a lust for life that can teach me a thing or two!

taffetacat Wed 21-Apr-10 21:22:40


- whats the biggest number in the world
- whats your favourite ( insert any random noun or type of person )
- whats 1146 plus 206679 (or similar)
- what can I do to earn a packet of Top Gear cards
- can I go to bed at 8 pleeeeeeeeease
- many many Doctor Who related questions
- when can I eat some more of my Easter Eggs

nimbs Wed 21-Apr-10 21:30:52

This is making me smile grin especially as my 6yr old DS had a major meltdown after school today resulting in going to bed before all his sisters at 6.15. It's reminded me of all his little idiosyncracies (sp) which make him special and unique - need soppy emoticon!

isthatporridgeinyourzone Wed 21-Apr-10 21:34:34


- how far do numbers go up and down?
- what's your first favourite (insert), what's your second favourite (insert), etc?
- what will happen if I do this?
- what happens when you die?
- why don't girls have willies?
- why do I run out of energy?
- why do planets move?

meatntattypie Wed 21-Apr-10 21:39:23

ahhhh this is lovely, they are all so normal!

Why is that man in that car driving a red car?

Ds "Can i have a drink of apple juice please?"
Me "yes, sure you can"
DS "why?"
Me "why what?"
DS Why can i have a drink of apple juice?

Where does scooby doo live?
Why does he live there?

Why are you not taller than dad, when you are older than him?

What have you done today mum? Did you think about me all day long?
....of course i did.

"Mum Tell me the story of the worst day in my life"......i have a horrific potty training story that i tell him that he laughs hysterically at all the way through grin

Bleatblurt Wed 21-Apr-10 21:43:45

My 5 year old DS likes to ask things like, "How was water made. How did it come to exist?"

Errr, can we just have stuff like is Ben 10 real. grin

LadyG Wed 21-Apr-10 21:50:38

Nearly 5
Why are so many cars silver? Why not orange?
What number is bigger than infinity?
Who made volcanoes?
Is Star Wars real? (insert aliens/Santa/God/Vikings/dragons)
Talks about b*** Ben 10 non stop even tho' has only watched it about 3 times ever.
Cannot sit still while eating/reading etc.
Loves the computer
Is either full of energy and fantastic or very very whiney (esp if tired/hungry)

taffetacat Wed 21-Apr-10 21:52:40

lol @ silver cars - a really good q, IMO

BeenBeta Wed 21-Apr-10 22:12:38

meatntattypie - TBH it sounds like your DS just needs a lot more excericse.

At that age DS1 could 6 - 8 hours non stop physical excercise. Our weekends consisted of taking him from swimming to soft play area to me running round the garden playing football with him.

During school holiday we used to send him to day camp and the supervisors there told us he just wore them out.

How much excerise does your DS actually get?

BeenBeta Wed 21-Apr-10 22:19:44

Hardest question I was ever asked by DS1 age 5.

DS: Daddy what is the biggest number?

Me: Its called infinity and there are definitely no numbers bigger than that.

DS: Daddy, what happens if you add 1 to infinty. Isn't that bigger than infinity?

Me: <stunned silence> blush

NoahAndTheWhale Wed 21-Apr-10 22:26:36

DS is 6.

He talks a lot, although possibly not as much as DD who is 4
He possibly has the pointiest knees in the world and also always has green grass stains on his trousers. These are possibly linked <Noah finds yet another pair of trousers with a hole in>
He loves playing outside.
He loves playing inside on the computer
He gets very into things. Currently has fascination with car marques. Tests me a lot grin
Loves climbing, preferably trees
Has great problems sitting on a chair to eat food - he edges further and further away. Sometimes wonder about the point of him having a chair.
Gets "weary-eyed" (his words) at sad parts in films; generally where a character is going to be on their own
Loves small cars. And lego.
Is gorgeous smile

uggmum Wed 21-Apr-10 22:30:32

ds age 6
Never stops talking
Asks very technical questions that I can't answer
I have to sky+ everything on the documentary channel for him to watch. (loves documentaries and retains all info)
Gets up before anyone else, makes his own cereal and watches iplayer for a couple of hours until we get up (very early riser)
Is a Gymnast and a Dancer
Leaps, jumps and climbs everywhere
Refuses Chocolate, sweets etc and eats up to 4 bowls of cereal a day.
charms everyone, (his teacher says she can't tell him off because he has such a cute smile)

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