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rolling over

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codswallop Fri 27-Jun-03 13:39:37

How can I stop my baby rolling on to his tummy all the time - the baby gym is a waste of time now!1 Hes 13 weeks and it WAS cute - now annoying

I can hea r he is stuck AGAIN! (runs off to rescue)

yoda Fri 27-Jun-03 15:05:21

How about a couple of pillows/rolled up towels like sausages placed next to him. My ds is 11wks so we haven't got this problem yet.....but am really looking forward to it When did your son start to do this ? Good luck with the rescuing !

SoupDragon Fri 27-Jun-03 15:08:17

If you keep him strapped in his car seat all day, this won't be a problem

We used the "two sausages" approach that Yoda suggests as we'd borrowed one of those Guardian Angel sleep thingys from a friend. Worked a treat. We also had a rocking chair which laid flat and had a very form back to it which DSs liked sitting in.

codswallop Fri 27-Jun-03 15:31:54

yes have a rocking chair but liked the idea of him kicking abiut...

He started on Tuesday - 13 +4 days.. Oh no hes off AGAIN!!!

SofiaAmes Fri 27-Jun-03 22:04:27

Sorry, missed something. What's wrong with him rolling onto his tummy?
At least your hv will be happy. Mine was very "concerned" that my dd wasn't rolling onto hers at 8 mo. (never mind that she was pulling herself to standing and practically crawling as well).

Oakmaiden Fri 27-Jun-03 23:23:26

Is it that when he rolls he can't roll back again, and cries? Because I'm sure if that is the case he will pick up the skill soon, and then you'll never know where you'll find him!

Apart from that, I don't really understand what the problem is?

SoupDragon Sat 28-Jun-03 08:14:49

Sounds like he's getting stuck on his front and getting distressed by it. I remember DS1 used to roll over, look pleased and then throw up. Every time! I had to stop him rolling.

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