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16mth Son throws everything

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Poogey Fri 27-Jun-03 11:00:36

My 16 mth old son throws everything. He started throwing his beaker when he's finished with it and now he's taken to throwing toys as well. Please can anyone give me some tips on what to do?

M2T Fri 27-Jun-03 11:03:17

My ds has been doing that for a while now. He's 2 today. I do give him a row for it and make him pick up whatever he has 'dropped'..... doesn't stop him doing it again though. Sorry i can't offer any advice.

Oakmaiden Fri 27-Jun-03 11:57:13

When ds did this (and actually he still does when he is being stroppy) I just said "We don't throw toys. If you can't play with it nicely then you won't play with it" and then put the thrown article somewhere out of reach but within view. I don't know if your ds is too young to understand this?

aloha Fri 27-Jun-03 12:22:33

It's a phase. If he doesn't throw things at people or animals then I don't think it's that bad. YOu don't have to return the thrown things though. I suspect he's just enjoying his sudden new ability and the wonderful effect of making things fly through the air.

ballski Tue 01-Jul-03 19:31:22

My ds is 16 months old too & doing much the same thing. I try to call him back & ask him to pick it up & give it to mummy which occasionally works. I also tell him no and praise him if he does pick it up but am not too bothered about it so long as he doesn't catch anyone a wallop with it! I guess it's just one of those phases which little boys go through.

nobby Tue 01-Jul-03 20:06:06

I remember being really easy going when my ds had a phase of dropping things through the banisters and watching them bounce down the stairs. I liked the idea that he was experimenting. "See teddy fly"! Until he threw a tub of E45 down just as I was leaving for work and of course the lid came off and the whole hallway was coated in an inch of white goo.

I'm a lot less indulgent now ....

susanmt Tue 01-Jul-03 20:42:33

My ds is 17 months, and loves throwing things. I've provided him with things that are OK to throw (juggling beanbags) and let take him out a lot to throw stones in the river, and try to catch him if he's throwing things that he shouldn't. I reckon give him an outlet for it and he'll do it appropriately.
He's taken to shouting 'hooooray' and clapping his hands whenever he throws something, so even if I'm not looking I know when he's done it!

Paula71 Tue 01-Jul-03 21:45:36

My 18 month old twins have just recently stopped using their plates as frisbees when they are finished, though they sometimes still drop their cup. I made sure I was there beside them when the last piece of food went into their mouths - if they threw the plate I acted annoyed, when they handed their plate to me they were praised. Took some time but the penny dropped. If they throw toys they are scolded, although the temptation to throw them at each other must be a brother thing!

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