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what happens at Jo Jingles?

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juicychops Sun 24-Jul-05 15:44:16

Got a leaflet for it but it doesn't say much

Nbg Sun 24-Jul-05 15:46:06

Lot's of singing and dancing.

I did a taster class when dd was 4 months and really wanted to go but it was too far and didn't have a car. However I have just put her name down for Kindermusik which is a similar thing to Jo J.

knat Sun 24-Jul-05 20:41:26

I've found this absolutely brilliant It's a class where they sing to music based loosely on different themes each week. There is also musical instruments and puppets etc. I'm sure its only as good as the teacher but my dd has been going for 5 weeks and the first week she cried and didn't really participate but by week 5 she's clapping and stamping her feet when she's supposed to and playing the instruments.I thoroughly recommend it

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