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almost 13month old going thru 'separation anxiety' at nap and bedtime..

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lunarx Thu 21-Jul-05 12:09:56

ds (who'll be 13 months old on july 24th), has been going thru what i can only think to be some sort of separation anxiety at nap and bedtime. this only started on this past sunday night. he will be tired, but once he has his milk and is put in his grobag, he starts to cry. we put him in his cot, once the first crying stops and then leave him. he'll cry and we just go in and check on him every few minutes.
the other night, however, he was very hysterical and his breathing was heaving. (panting almost). so i didn't leave him on his own until he fell asleep.

i guess i'm wondering if others went thru this or are going thru this and what might be some suggestions on how to handle it? he is teething too..(i should add..) but in the past, when he's been teething, he will drop off to sleep when he is tired....

thanks ladies....

Chickyboo Sat 23-Jul-05 18:43:42

This sounds exactly like my situation with 12 mth old(birthday next week) DD, she has been doing this for past 3 weeks and is also teething.

She was really bad for a couple of weeks almost throwing when she cried. Anyway I kept going in and soothing her and it seems to be calming down.

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