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DP hates noise!!!

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miggymum Fri 15-Jul-05 18:59:42

I get really fed up sometimes with DP as for instance when we are in public and the kids start playing up, he cannot ignore them, he either insits we leave the shop THAT MINUTE or he gives them whatever they want just so they don't make a scene, it drives me mad!!!! I am so good at ignoring them but he cannot do with them moaning and people looking at us but it doesn't bother me at all!!!!

robinia Fri 15-Jul-05 19:05:10

... my dh is a bit like this too. Expects them to be perfect when in company and gets really stressed if they're not - then creates a bad atmosphere - whereas if he'd left it a bit or dealt with it in a different way we'd all enjoy things much more. Haven't managed to work out a way of dealing with it though ....

miggymum Fri 15-Jul-05 20:37:49

Me neither Robinia, I don't like the scenes as much as him but I just try my best to sort things out or just ignore them.

He especially hates it if we are in a pub, he tries to make me drink my drink fast so we can get out of there fast!!!

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