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She's driving me mad....!

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Looneymum Fri 15-Jul-05 12:48:12

I feel like I am going insane. My DD1 aged 3.5 is so trying. She constantly whinges and moans. DD2 is 11 mos and she is always taking toys off her and making her cry. At the moment we have just finished the lunch debarcle. She is presently pushing a yoghurt around the table staying "I don't want that one" whilst twisting and whinging. I just can't seem to stop myself shouting at her (who's the grown up here?!). She drives me mad to the point that I don't even want to play with her or basically have much to do with her as everything about her winds me up and is a struggle. Doesn't that sound terrible.

Looneymum Fri 15-Jul-05 12:55:49

A bit of that wasn't very clear, it is DD1 that takes toys of DD2... Actually, DD1 isn't very nice to DD2 generally, she pushes her away and doesn't like her touching her etc. It is such a shame as DD2 is such a happy giggley baby. How can we produce two such very different kids....?

Louise1970 Fri 15-Jul-05 12:59:46

Is there a playgroup you can go to this afternoon. That will make you and her feel better. That's what i do when i have had enough. Ds 20 months has a good time playing with the toys and dd 5 months has a good cuddle from her mum....

Looneymum Fri 15-Jul-05 13:07:18

Hi Louise, in fact, we are off to visit some friends at 3ish today and I'm counting down the minutes. We do tons of stuff but it just seems to be those few hours between that drives me crackers (normally involving a stressful meal!)

KatieinSpain Fri 15-Jul-05 13:21:32

Hi Louise,

I'm working on the how to mediate between DS1 and DS2, without interfering. Mind you, as DS2 has a powerful bite and nip , I don't have to stand his corner too much.

How about getting DD1 to tell you which toys she thinks are so special she doesn't want to share them with DD2, maybe limiting the number to say three. Then, it's the usual, I suppose, warn her and then, take one of her toys away for a specific period. Maybe add a carrot, catch her sharing and give her cuddles and praise, or a sticker or a piece of pasta. If you have anything that really works for you, please post it too as it is this sort of post I get loads of ideas from and they do make a difference with the boys.

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon.

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