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The boy is a nutter!!! What to do with him!!?!?

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swiperfox Wed 13-Jul-05 17:20:02

DS is an absolute nightmare!! He has starting getting stroppy - especially if he's pushing his walker thing or dd's dolls pram and he can'[t get any further. He throws himself on the floor and rolls around in temper. Until today. His trick today is to go on all fours, put his forehead on the floor and crawl at high speed on his head!!

We thought it was quite funny at first but have just noticed a big carpet burn on the bridge of his nose!!!

What next??!?!?!

Fran1 Wed 13-Jul-05 17:29:05

Next will be the gentle tantrums.

DD used to lower herself to the floor very slowly and carefully ensuring not to injure herself, then she would promptly start thrashing arms and legs and crying.

Used to pmsl which didn't help matters!


merglemergle Wed 13-Jul-05 18:06:44

Last week, ds was just about to throw himself to the ground for a huge tantrum, when he noticed that there was soil there (we were outside, btw). He made the "dirty" sign to me, then went inside and got on with his tantrum.

swiperfox Wed 13-Jul-05 20:35:41

I'd forgotten about this tantrum stage! His poor nose has got a chunk out of it and it's all weepy - it must have hurt him!?!?! He doesn't seem to care though.... i put some savlon cream on his nose, put him on the floor and he did it again straight away!!

He's a loon!!!

swiperfox Wed 13-Jul-05 20:54:16

How can I stop him doing it? It's getting not funny now because he won't stop and he's going to end up with a scar on his nose!

Tortington Wed 13-Jul-05 21:00:31

swiper he won't do it if theres no attention involved. walk out of the room

ElliesMomma Thu 14-Jul-05 00:15:20

Aww poor you!! my DD has bad tantrums aswell but she throws her head back where ever she is , and if she is sat up she fall backwards and hits it either on the floor or what ever is behind her!! She even did it on the bus the other day and hit her head on the metal bar!! I feel for you love but im no help coz i don't know what to do either!!!

ThePrisoner Thu 14-Jul-05 00:54:09

Buy a full-face crash helmet??

KiwiKate Thu 14-Jul-05 01:31:07

I agree with Custardo. Like actors, if there is no audience then they'll have no reason to do it.

Kids are really smart. They'll do whatever works for them. They only keep on doing it if they get something out of it (even if it is negative attention).

I've taken a yelling DS out of a shop and straight home (leaving the full trolley at customer services in the store!). DS was FURIOUS, then embaressed, then apologetic. But he had crossed the line and I wanted him to know it. That was when he was 18m.o. He knows that tantrums will NOT be tolerated.

If we are at home, he goes into time out (in the bathroom where it is very boring, with nothing to do and no toys to play with). He NEVER gets his way when he is yelling.

While he still tries to push the boundaries he has given up trying tantrums because he knows that absolutely nothing good happens (no attention or anything other than straight to time out). No doubt he will try tantrums again from time to time, but at 2.2yo he is (mostly) a real pleasure.

On the flip side, when he asks nicely, says please, smiles, is lovely - then he gets heaps of praise and attention and often (but not always) gets what it is he is after.

wilbur Thu 14-Jul-05 15:09:24

I took dd (2.2) to the shops yesterday and she was being so slow getting into the pushchair that I have her a gentle shove up and said "Come on dd, move your bum". She took huge exception to this and proceeded to shout "no bum" tearfully all the way round the shops, getting loads of attention from passers-by as she went. Thankfully her speech is still pretty indistinct so I'm sure that not many knew what she was saying, but the drama queen tears definitely got her an audience and the audience definitely kept her going for far longer than she would have done otherwise.

Louise1970 Thu 14-Jul-05 22:07:14

My ds is 20 months, He is still doing tantrums and without an audience in the room, its been 6 months. Very strong willed is my ds. He definaetly does it differently now to in the beginning though. it was very nasty at first and these are much milder, and quite funny, but i laugh on the way out of the room now. Sorry, but good luck. I did this message 6 months ago, and i was told that there is nothing you can do.

swiperfox Thu 14-Jul-05 22:17:16

I've just had to start a new thread about him because he keeps doinmg it whether we're watching or not and he's now got a really nasty carpet burn on his nose which is bleeding and weeping - he's just a nightmare!!

Tommy Thu 14-Jul-05 23:06:35

I nearly came on here today to despair that DS2 was having a tantrum because I wouldn't give him a biscuit. It went on for about 20 minutes. Then I had a think about what you lot would say and reckonede you would probably say "Oh, give him the biscuit" so I did and as if by magic the tantrum stopped....
I think I'd sort of forgotten what they were like!

eidsvold Fri 15-Jul-05 03:23:11

you ahve said he does this especially if he is pushing something and can't get any further - perhaps then it is a response to the fact he wants to go further and he can't. Dd1 used to this when she started walking with her pram and it is frustration - I taught her to sign help please and now if she forgets to sign and looks like going into one - just say help please as a prompt and she stops and does it or I ask what do we say and she does it.

Perhaps you could teach him a sign ( if he has no words at this stage - don't know how old he is) the sign for help if easy - hold hands together in front of you and push them out until arms are straight. Might ease the tantrums.

If is just a tantrum - ignore him if you can.

Amai Fri 15-Jul-05 12:00:02

Hi there, my DD started her defiance at around 9 months. It is so bad that i dred every time she has a crap as she hates having her nappy changed. She gets a way as fast as she can and restraining her brings on much sadness. She has recently started nutting the floor in a tantrum and if I am carrying her and she is tired or wants a bottle she head buts my face. Quite sore. i hope they get get better with age but something tells me i have a year of tantrums ahead of me as she is only 13 months old now. Anyone else dread changing their stroppy baby's nappies.

cherpybird Fri 15-Jul-05 12:31:30

I know how you feel, DS1 is 19mnts and has been as good as gold until about a month ago, he seems to have changed over night and get in a stress and starts butting everything! Was worried that he will do some damage to his head, but have tried time out and everything with him, but he wont stop.

he also gets the hump about nappy changing, and you have to chase him round the room to try and catch him!

swiperfox Fri 15-Jul-05 12:33:40

Have another nappy wriggler here - he hates getting changed and will do his best to twist, turn and kick his way out of it!!
I've asked my mum to ask the nurse at work about his nose. I'm thinking i might have to put a plaster on it til he's fed up with doing it or he's going to end up with a big scar

sarahsausage Fri 15-Jul-05 16:14:27

my dd is nearly 21 months, and over the past 4 months started with the tantrums. Its driving me and dp crazy. If she doesnt get what she wants she screams and throws her head back and arches her back.

She loves her nappy changing time though, she gets the nappy etc and lies down waiting for me to change her! Another few months she'll be doing it herself

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