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I have the Bevis and Butthead baby

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Eaney Mon 11-Jul-05 13:16:04

I have a 5 month old dd who seems to require a lot of attention. She doesn't cry all the time but does a great impression of Bevis and Butthead. SHe wants constant talking to or singing to or being held. My Ds was not like this at all so it's a bit of a shock. Any tips on how to deal with it.

My mother and MIL say that we are spoiling her if we give her what she wants i.e to be picked up or played with. Many times we have to ignore her so that we can get things done but it just escalates to full crying and won't stop.

She cries non stop in the car because she is facing backwards and can't see anyone but is quite happy when her brother is sitting beside her.

She was in SBU when she was born for a few days and I wonder if she has some form of seperation phobia.

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