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Early waking 6 month old

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happydog Mon 11-Jul-05 06:50:42

Until about 3 weeks ago my dd used to sleep through until about 8.00 from her dream feed at 11.00. For some reason though, she suddenly started waking at 5.00 for a feed and then not really getting back off at all. Tried all kinds of ways to get her back to sleep but she's just not having it. Have tried blackout blinds, feeding her more in the day but nothing seems to work. Do I just have an early riser? Seemed to kick in when she was teething which I understand is quite common, but the teeth are through now. Do I just have an early riser? It's killing me!!

ixel Mon 11-Jul-05 08:39:30

I'm sure its just another phase! You just have to hope it doesn't last too long. ds has gone through all sorts. We had a lovely period where he slept 7-7, but now he's back to tantrums at bedtime, waking twice, and getting up at 5.30-6. I'm just trying to ride it out and go with the flow. Now I'm expecting number 2, I'm thinking how easy it is for me with just one, because at least there's only him to deal with, and when he naps, so can I! I'm making the most of it before I have 2 to co-ordinate.

KiwiKate Mon 11-Jul-05 09:00:23

Happydog, how old is dd?

Could just be a phase. Have you tried putting her to bed a little later? Is she getting enough sleep during the day? (I saw a BBC documentary recently where a toddler was not having enough sleep in the day and this some how impacted her sleep patterns at night).

Have you tried letting her lie-in (awake but in bed)? Have you tried leaving her at 5am and seeing if she drifts off without a feed (unlikely, but there have been times with my ds that he settles himself back down if I don't go in to him).

Other things could be to give her water (in a bottle) rather than a feed at 5am. Also, don't cuddle her then. If she is old enough tell her each time "it's still night time, so you are getting water to drink. You'll get a proper feed when its day time, and you've finished sleeping".

Or just give her the water for a few days. Apparently it works with some children - as they figure out there is no point in waking early (or in the middle of the night) as they won't get a cuddle or milk - so it is not worth the effort. Of course, she'll probably have a bit of a fit the first few times you do it.

good luck.

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