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Ds nursery had a word with me, please advise

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emily05 Fri 08-Jul-05 17:06:26

Ds is nearly 3 and started nursery recently. He has never really been around many children before and is an only child.

His nursery teacher spoke to me as I picked him up this afternoon. She said "he has been a bit of a pickle this afternoon". She said thia last week as well!
So I asked her why and she basically explained that he gets very very over excited and a bit hyper around the other children!
He jumps on them and runs into them?! She said it isnt that he is being nasty, it is because is so over excited.

Is this normal? I am not sure how to combat this. She seemed fine about it and said she will just be firm with him. He is fine at home, but of-course he has no siblings. So it is hard for me to change the behaviour if I dont see it (iyswim)

I must admit I was really embarrased.

fishfinger Fri 08-Jul-05 17:07:33

Hmm I knwo whta oyu mean
ds3 does this a bit
wacks kids to engage witht hem
annoying isnt it?
I wont mention the p word....... cna you arrnage some playdates wiht freinds and expalin to the mums you need them to help?

Distel Fri 08-Jul-05 17:08:43

Don't thimk there was anything to be embarassed about. Over excitement is probebly a very common thing especially if they were doing something new.

Distel Fri 08-Jul-05 17:10:12

sorry, missed the bit about jumping on the children. Playdates are a good idea though.

Cha Fri 08-Jul-05 17:12:37

Ditto what the others have said - if a kid is not used to socialising with others, then he won't be very good at it at first. He will learn and it will take time and patience. See if you can find other kids for him to play with, children from the nursery or at a playgroup, in the park etc.

okapi Fri 08-Jul-05 17:14:38

when ds2 was described as a bit of a pickle (fairly frequent occurence at that age) I interpreted this as nursery-speak for has been very disobedient/has been a little horror/has been naughty etc as the nature of his 'crimes' unfolded.

don't worry they grow out of it and the nursery will deal with it if it happens again

emily05 Fri 08-Jul-05 21:34:11

Oh no! Playdate it is then?! Ds has a cousin about the same age so that might be a good start.

thanks for you advice guys

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