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Had enough of docs and teachers.

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butty Fri 08-Jul-05 15:01:04

Hi all, i recently posted a thread about suspected ADHD. I have just come back from a cancellation appointment with the school doc and i felt like i was talking to a brick wall!!!!!!
He has given me a long winded questionnairre to fill out and also one for the teachers, but they have told me that as my daughter behaves to a reasonable manner in school they feel that could just be a phase which is total Bolloxxxs! I have pushed for 2 years as she is out of control with everyone EXCEPT the school, but how much of this is true and is just that the school can't be messed with another problamtic child.?? any one with any opinions or advise would be much appreciated. Cheers Butty.

butty Fri 08-Jul-05 15:47:50

????????? Any one!!

spidermama Fri 08-Jul-05 15:52:09

I don't understand. Are they saying she's not ADHD but you feel differently?

tarantula Fri 08-Jul-05 15:55:28

Hi butty sorry Im not the greatest expert on ADHD (in the sense of getting help for it I mean) tho my dss has been diagnosed with it but that was partly to do with the school recognising he had a problem there and pushing for diagnosis so as he could get help. Im sorry to hear that noone is listening to you but there is always sooo much paperwork involved in getting help these days. Have you read Dr. Chistopher Greens book on ADHD. Its quite an easy read and may help you with stratagies to deal with dd.

Hopefully other people will be able to give you more advise on where to go for help. Have you checked out this webite

butty Fri 08-Jul-05 15:57:03

they are saying that because she doesnt show the same behaviour with school as she does with me and everyone else that she knows that the possibilities are slim, but it is a proven fact that not all children with ADHD are bad in school!!! I dont know what their problem is.??

butty Fri 08-Jul-05 16:03:15

My daughter reduces me to tears everyday and has no concept of the word "NO" or "behave" in fact she is abusive verbally, destructive, violent, horrendous "uncontolable" temper, interupts, never stops from getting up till bedtime and the list just goes on and on. Her work has started to suffer at school all though she is capable at home and when the teachers are told this, they just accuse me of lying "in a nutshell". She used to be very bright in class and now it's as though she wants the extra attention of others at school when this was so clearly not the case a few months ago. I feel that she is verging on a distructive path at scholl and that they have yet to see this of her?!!

spidermama Fri 08-Jul-05 16:06:51

I'm frustrated by how little imput I have at school when problems arise but how quick the school is to tell me, in an accusatory way, that there have been problems.

There's not much we can do when they're at school, but it sounds to me like you deserve, and need, a break from it all. Any chance of a short gettaway? Even just a day trip or afternoon off?

Rarrie Fri 08-Jul-05 16:09:49

I think the issue is that to be diagnosed with ADHD, you are saying that the child has some sort of chemical imbalance in the brain, and it is this that causes the child to act without thinking, be very impulsive etc. Now, if this is a chemical imabalance, it can't be turned on and off, so the child cannot force him/herself to concentrate / think before behaving etc in any circumstance - and that includes school. So if the child is able to control his / her behaviour in school, it suggests that it is not a chemical problem, but something else.

Whenever I've had to complete school based questionnaires about this on my students, I'm usually asked to assess their concentration as well as their behaviour, and all the teachers are asked to complete these assessments... if the child is able to control his or her behaviour / concentrate for long periods then it is indicative that perhaps the problem is not ADHD, but may well be something else.

Now don't quote me on this, as I'm not an expert, but I had a child with severe ADHD in my tutor group, and had to do some research etc, looking at ways to support etc and this is what I remember to be the case from that child.

Personally, if its being questioned that your child might not have ADHD, be pleased. Ritalin is an evil drug and its not nice to have to have a child put on it. However, I do sympathise, because obviously you feel there is an issue that you need help with. I hope you can find the support you need, to help you find a way forward.

butty Fri 08-Jul-05 16:30:43

Cheers for that, although the teachers have told me that she lacks concentration and is very easily disrupted. They have also stated in the past that she can be somewhat disruptive from time to time and encourages other children with this behaviour, but they still hav'nt seen it as a problem although i feel that they are somewhat lacking the ability to do so as her teacher is off at the mo quite a lot due to pregnacy so ther is no stability and the stand in teacher has questioned me on chloes behaviour at home. I think shes caught on but as she is only a temp i fear she does not want to become involved. and on the other hand my best friends son has aspergers and was diagnosed with ADHD before that and he has never once been bad in school but yet is totally out of control everywhere else. So it isnt always the cae that they are bad in school.

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