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Ds screaming and crying for the cat

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nutcracker Fri 08-Jul-05 12:39:07

We let the cat out for the first time today and she was fine, loving it etc.

Ds on the other hand is fine until she dares to go out of the garden and then he screams and cries hysterically. I have told him that she will come back, and he has seen that she does, but everytime she goes again he is hysterical again.

He is standing on the back step shouting her now and crying.

starlover Fri 08-Jul-05 12:40:12

careful he doesn't scare her off!
i have no advice i'm afraid maybe he'll just get used to it in time

nutcracker Fri 08-Jul-05 12:41:39

Oh no she's not scared, she is just ignoring him.

Hopefully when he sees that she comes back laterb tonight and stays put, he'll be ok.

starlover Fri 08-Jul-05 12:46:59

oh that's ok then. i think he'll probably get used to it... so sweet that he loves her so much!

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