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My 7month old doesn't babble, he grunts, groans and grrrrrr's??

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venetianred Fri 29-Jan-10 21:42:03

Has anyone experienced anything similar.

My 7 month old has never really babbled, no maa, no daaa, no yaaa, no gaaa - nothing. He used to make gutteral noises and now grunts, groans and goes grrrrr. More so during meal times and he's starting to do it in the night when he wakes.

He's clearly a bright child, and is already happily moving about, so I'm not particularly concerned about his development, but it just seems so odd, and strange that he really makes nothing other than 'throaty' noises.

Is anyone familiar with anything like this?


QueenFee Fri 29-Jan-10 21:45:18

My DS is nearly 7 months and the only sounds he makes are growls and excited squeaks!

chandellina Fri 29-Jan-10 22:14:47

my son did lots of growling and very little in the way of babbling. It seemed like he had ah and oh at around 4 months, then nothing (didn't even say those anymore) until more like 10 or 11 months when he finally started saying ba ba. Now 18 months and he's doing fine, has dozens of words, though he still rarely calls me ma ma. Probably nothing to worry about, just keep an eye (ear) on it if nothing changes in a few months.

acebaby Sat 30-Jan-10 19:30:58

Neither of my DS's did much babbling. DS1 just screeched haaaa haaaaa constantly, and went from that to saying his first words at 10 months and was talking in sentences soon after he was 1. He never babbled. DS2 babbled a bit (from around 8 months) and actually spoke slightly later than DS1.

My nephew babbled loads (at exactly the 'right' time) but at 25 months has only one or two words - and still babbles. Nothing to worry about with him either. He's a great communicator, but just slightly later than average with actual speech.

There's a huge variability, and unless you have other reason to be concerned (eg your dc not responding to sound) then I wouldn't worry.

VerityClinch Sat 30-Jan-10 20:43:11

DD (on the verge of turning 7 months) growled, grunted and screeched as a precursor to babbling.

For the last week, she has been saying dadadadadadadada.

(How very annoying for mamamamamama, especially when dadadadadada has fvcked off gone on a business trip to New York for the week.

The grunting, growling (especially when she thinks she is not getting fed fast enough) and screeching remain, though...

I don't think you have anything at all to worry about.

Dorchies Sun 31-Jan-10 21:25:59

I wouldn't worry - as you can see, they're all different! My 8mo has just this week started some da da's and ba ba's and today a ma ma! Only raspberries last week!

Snowtiger Sun 31-Jan-10 21:31:51

Wouldn't worry, my DS1 didn't babble or speak really until nearly a year old, I was getting quite worried about it and although I was nattering away to him all day, the HV recommended we watch more CBeebies (ha, can't get the little so and so away from it now) to stimulate his vocal development.

More experienced child carers than me at his nursery said "he's an observer, he's the kind of child who will make noises but won't try to speak until he's sure he can do it right."

Lo and behold at a year he started chattering away and now at 2.5yrs has a vast vocabulary.

If yours isn't making any recognisable sounds at a year then I'd talk to the HV but until then wouldn't worry. Just make sure you talk to him a lot to assuage your own guilt!

DawnAS Mon 01-Feb-10 12:04:25

OP, I could have written your post!

My LO doesn't make any sounds yet that could be recognised as words but does make various babbling-type noises.

The growling, throaty noise she started making a week ago when she got a cold. Now she seems to make it when she's had enough food - of course I ignore the noises while she continues to take the food and only stop when she actually pushes it away!

It's a very funny noise though and I'm convinced it must hurt her throat! hmm

venetianred Tue 02-Feb-10 23:20:32

Thanks all. I mentioned it to the HV today and she was a bit surprised but agreed he was as bright as a button in all ways so hard to be worried. She said to mention it at the development check coming up so they can see if there is any reason for concern.

verity and queenfee - he squeeked loudly a few times today too!!!

nukefamily Tue 25-Nov-14 18:38:24

What do the acronyms DS, DS1, DD, LO, etc...stand for?

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