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15 month old hates being left. Help.

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poppy2133 Thu 07-Jul-05 20:52:44

I have been lucky enough to have extended Mat Leave. I have been off for 15 months and not having any relatives or close friends very near by has meant myself & hubby have looked after our 15 month old son between us with no input from any one else. He has never had anyone to babysit for him as we are all he knows. He is very sociable at play groups and will go to anyone who shows any interest in him but it would be impossible to leave him with anyone. I have tried to leave the room when he is a play group but he notices after a few minutes & cries & cries till I go back in. I have tried extended my abscence each time but at 15 months old the most I have ever managed is a bout 3 minutes. I am fearing what will happen when he has to go to pre-school etc etc. Do they become more independant of us as they get older ?

gigglinggoblin Thu 07-Jul-05 21:00:17

he will grow out of it soon, i promise. ds2 went through this phase just as i started college and had to leave him him a child minder. she assured me that he calmed down within 10 mins (at most) and was fine until i came back (when he would often have a strop to make me feel bad). its cos they notice you have gone but havent twigged you will come back. it shouldnt take long

vicdubya Thu 07-Jul-05 21:07:12

Poppy don't worry, he will get used to you leaving him, whatever stage you do it.

My ds is also 15 months & is the same, believe me, until about 2 weeks ago I couldn't even go upstairs or to the loo without him crying at the stairgate or loo door. I would never leave him in any other situation as I know he would get really upset.

He even gets upset being left with dh when he is tired and as dh is working away at the moment it doesn;t help.

The only other person he is OK with is my Mum, who he has known since birth & seems happy with.

Recently he has started with a childminder 2 mornings a week and after about 5-6 sessions he is quite settled now. he still cries when I leave him but settles within 2-3 mins of me going. he also seems to have become less clingy at home now which I hope is as a result - perhaps now he understands that when I go I am coming back.

So don't worry, I'm sure when the time comes he will be fine.

Flum Thu 07-Jul-05 21:58:54

Well I left my dd all the time when she was younger. Baby sitters, grannies, all day while I was at work.
Now I am SAHM for last 6 weeks and ....

She is exactly the same when I leave the room she bawls. hope it is just a phase. tried leavign her at creche at gym last weeka nd one before, she hit the roof. most distressing for all concerned. she has to learn thouhg.

otherwise what no school??? life sucks.

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