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20 month old holding everything wrong way round?

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knat Thu 07-Jul-05 19:18:56

MY dd is 20 months and holds everything the wrong way up. She holds the spoon and gets the food up with the handle (I wasn't bothered by this as at least she was trying to feed) she has a play broom and mop which she mops and brushes with the handle insisting on holding the bristle end and today at music class she held the beaters with the other end. Even when she was playing with her teaset and i gave her the spoon to stir the tea the right way round she turned it round to her way! I'm not overly concerned just wondered if there were any comments or similar experiences

Flum Thu 07-Jul-05 22:00:02

I think you should go and live in Australia. I'm sure you would see a marked improvement.

Twiglett Thu 07-Jul-05 22:02:25


Flum Thu 07-Jul-05 22:39:20

Actually though my 17 month old does this.

Swirls spoon around bowl. Manages to get some in it. Raises spoon to mouth. Turns spoon upside down. Food falls into bib. Sucks empty spoon.

I follow that up with a loaded spoon myself. Guess that means she isn't really learning that what she does, doesn't work.

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