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13 month old has stopped eating his favourite t things - help !

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ricecake Thu 07-Jul-05 16:01:46

I have a breastfed 13 month old who was a brilliant eater up until a few weeks ago - right after his 1st birthday.

I started a very healthy diet of solids when he turned 6 months old and for 6 months he ate almost everything - I only give him home cooked food. He has never been a big eater and is quite small for his age, but touch wood always very healthy.

Now he won't even eat his favourite things like cereal for breakfast with mashed banana, etc. He has been on a diet of wholemeal bread, rice cakes and yoghurt for the last week. I can't get him to eat meat any more even though he has liked it ever since he was 6 months old.

He still breastfeeds 4 - 5 times a day, otherwise I would really be worried by now.

But I was hoping that since he started off such a good solid food eater he would never reject food ?

Is this typical and will it pass ? Please help !

compo Thu 07-Jul-05 16:07:38

Perhaps if you cut back on his milk he would be more interested in food? Once ds was one he just had 14oz of milk a day and the rest of his calcium intake was made up with cheese, yoghurt etc

vicdubya Thu 07-Jul-05 21:47:07

Could it be teeth?

ricecake Thu 07-Jul-05 21:59:58

compo - he is breastfed so I can't really cut back on his milk unless I want to wean him off the breast which I don't. I do give him a yogurt every day though - not the children's stuff but the adult thick Greek stuff with real fruit added to it. So hopefully he is getting enough calcium and Vit. C.

I am worried about his iron intake though as he is not eating meat like he used to.

vicdubya - I guess it could be - but it didn't effect his appetite much last time he was teething about 3 months ago - so I am puzzled !

Could it just be an attitude thing ? Getting more picky because it's that sort of phase ?

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