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When did your child use a knife AND fork properly together?

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alison222 Tue 05-Jul-05 18:23:21

I'm trying to get DS to practice he is 4.5 but he gets very cross about it as he finds it so difficult.
Am I being pushy or should he be able to learn at this age?

LIZS Tue 05-Jul-05 18:24:09

ds still struggles at 7 but dd is trying at almost 4.

nutcracker Tue 05-Jul-05 18:42:13

Dd1 (7) seems to have got the hang of it properly in the last year, but dd2 (5) is still struggling with heers.

trefusis Tue 05-Jul-05 18:46:17

Message withdrawn

fishfinger Tue 05-Jul-05 18:46:51

ds2 is great at 4.10 but ds1 crap at 6.10
mum and dad taught ds2

Tinker Tue 05-Jul-05 18:47:38

My 8 year old is still not great, has to be reminded to use them. Blame it on too many pasta meals.

Tia Tue 05-Jul-05 22:20:53

I have been concerned about this lately. I have read that children should be able to use a knife and fork by the time they go to school, my son who is 5.4 is still rubbish and I thought he was backwards. Looks like he is just normal!

QueenOfQuotes Tue 05-Jul-05 22:22:10

DS1 - 4 3/4yrs - only uses a fork - have 'tried' a knife but no-hwere NEAR being able to use it yet.

DS2 - 19 months - 'wants' to use one but just uses it to flick food around the table

binkie Tue 05-Jul-05 22:34:33

Ds (6) is on the way there - can use a knife on its own (eg to spread) OK; has liked using a fork since before he was one, funny child; but co-ordinating them - holding the fork still, but at same time sawing with the knife - still very clumsy. Usually does Chinese-restaurant-duck-shredding-move instead of cutting.

Dd (4.5) long way to go. Also handy with a fork, but can't even spread with a knife. Definitely can't cut, and as for using the two together - !

paolosgirl Tue 05-Jul-05 22:38:47

DD is coming up for 6, and still struggles, although has got better in the last few months. DS is nearly 8 and can manage his now. DH is 42 and can also manage his
I would say 4.5 is too young really.

trefusis Tue 05-Jul-05 23:09:07

Message withdrawn

QueenOfQuotes Tue 05-Jul-05 23:13:29

"Am starting to feel very very bad about how cross I've been getting with dd1."

aww don't feel that way. It's odd with 'parenting' there are certain things which everyone "knows" should be done at certain times - you can't get away from them (walking, talking, reading etc etc). But other things like using a knife and fork people rarely talk about - so it's difficult to 'gauge' (sp) what is 'normal' and what's not IYKWIM

trefusis Tue 05-Jul-05 23:31:18

Message withdrawn

trefusis Tue 05-Jul-05 23:32:09

Message withdrawn

QueenOfQuotes Tue 05-Jul-05 23:32:27

The friends idea could backfire - you could end up a completely 'genius' child friend who uses her cutlerly better than most adults

trefusis Tue 05-Jul-05 23:34:06

Message withdrawn

alison222 Wed 06-Jul-05 08:44:24

OK thanks folk you have made me feel a lot better. Like Tia I was concerned that he ought to be reasonably able to use them by the time he goes to school. Something I read too but I'm not sure where.
He is reasonably competent with a fork, although holds it like a shovel. I'll work on that first then and try to get him to hold his knife. He will soemetimes attempt to cut with it but it is very clumsy hold and tear approach.
That sounds completely mornal form all the replies here

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