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Interesting (!) potty training question

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princesspeahead Thu 12-Jun-03 09:48:58

On day 4 of potty training ds (aged 2.5). Things going well as far as bladder control, enthusiasm for bob the builder pants etc goes - but hit a problem - he will not sit on a loo or potty but insists on peeing in the garden! Can't get him on loo (goes rigid, screaming, and can't bend him in the middle), have offered him chocolate if he sits on loo or potty (no thank you mummy, I'd rather pee in the garden)... how do I break this?
At least he isn't trying to poo there as well - no, he saves that up for his night time nappy....

all suggestions very welcome, this can't go on forever!

serafina Thu 12-Jun-03 10:30:16

How about putting the potty in the garden? It's worth a try!

I would give up on the loo idea - lots of children are terrified of the loo and pushing him will only make things worse.

princesspeahead Thu 12-Jun-03 10:36:56

he was fine with the loo at the beginning of the week - have never managed to get him to sit on the potty though. even though he chose his own in john lewis (looks like a car). but maybe if I stick it in the garden he could be persuaded... worth a go, thanks!

runragged Sat 14-Jun-03 16:44:47

What about getting him to stand at the toilet - like daddy?

princesspeahead Sat 14-Jun-03 17:34:26

well he is using the loo a bit more now, thanks to a new super comfy squashy loo seat insert. but his first choice is still the garden. still, that's progress...!

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