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Just had to share this with you [smile]

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Harrizeb Tue 05-Jul-05 11:25:03

DS is 2.1yrs, we have a rabbit clock in his bedroom. This morning I hear a very clear voice shouting Mummy at 4.45!!!!! - I struggled with the time as it was full day light out side and wondered if the clock had stopped (it's electic).

I went into DS and showed him that rabbit was still asleep and so he needed to go back to sleep too, at which point he pulls the button that sets that alarm and makes rabbit go to sleep and trys to 'wake him up' so he could get up .

Kids ain't daft - the worse thing as I crawled back into bed I was thinking can't wait to tell MNer's about this

Donbean Tue 05-Jul-05 11:28:51

mine shouted to me at 4.30am

"mummy,mummy,mummy" silence,

"mummy,mummy,mummy" silence,

"Donna,downstairs,nice brink (drink)"

Hmmmmm, its mummy to you little monster! LOL

Donbean Tue 05-Jul-05 11:29:35

ps he is 2 on Sat.

Harrizeb Tue 05-Jul-05 11:31:36

LOL - oh how funny.

MamaMaiasaura Tue 05-Jul-05 11:33:26

lol at both Donbean and harrizeb - they only get funnier.. lol.

Donbean Tue 05-Jul-05 11:36:00

I know, he is such a funny little fella and i laugh out loud at him all the time. This age is so far the most entertaining (and challenging)

MamaMaiasaura Tue 05-Jul-05 11:44:11

happy burpday for Sat.. ds is 5 and his sense of hunour is cracking.. but i do have that kind of warped humour that is rubbing off on him.. much to despair of dp!

Donbean Tue 05-Jul-05 11:47:58

me too, i think that he has inherited my humour!
We are a very sunny household actually and so it has got to rub off on him some how.
I am going to make a conscious effort to write down the funny stuff that he does and says for the future. It will be SO worth it to look back at.
However, if he continues to call me Donna i shall take his pitch fork off him and allow his horns to grow through his hair

biglips Tue 05-Jul-05 11:49:36

harrizeb - aaawwwww, how sweet is that - lol

MamaMaiasaura Tue 05-Jul-05 11:54:08

{grin} - you son has those too!!

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