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Throwing things!!! Dreading the playgroups now!!!!

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moosh Mon 04-Jul-05 10:33:10

Ds2 is 16months old and has started to throw things. I remember ds1 doing this but not to the extent as ds2. He throws things at me at his dad at his brother who is 5yrs old and usually in the firing line and gets really hurt sometimes. But I am more concerened at the playgroups two weeks ago he threw a duplo brick I put my hand up to stop him but it was too late. It hit a boy of about 2 in the cheek his mum seemed ok about it, I tried to explain to her that I am trying to stop this and I couldn't apologise enough. I felt really embarassed and luckily her son didn't cry. She seemed ok.
When we went to the library last week for nursery rhymes I put him right up the back so that when he got given some maracas when they sing if he threw it it would land no where near any children. And low and behold, he threw it and it just missed mum, who again thank god was ok about it. In both situations I firmly told him No and took the toys away and he preceeded to have a fit but that doesn't bother me too much as I ignore him till he has finished.
Now I dread taking him anywhere for a true fear of him hurting a child by throwing whatever he gets his hands on. Any advice would be appreciated. I am so tempted to not take him anymore but he needs to be around other children so what do I do.

TwinSetAndPearls Mon 04-Jul-05 19:41:55

I run playgroups and throwing is very common so please don't let it put you off taking your ds out. Going out, mixing with other children and realising that throwing things at people will not make him friends will help him get through that phase.

I know it is hard, my dd went through a biting phase and I used to feel like hiding every time a kid yelped as it was almost always caused by my dd jaws closing on another child! This is even worse when you are supposed to be providing quality play in a supportive environment and your child is terrorising all the other kids!

emily05 Mon 04-Jul-05 20:03:58

moosh - ds used to do this and I was a nervous wreck when he was around other children (and he was a biter)

Just have a work when you drop him off and let them know the situation. They will be used to this as twinset said.

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