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pointing when should they do it?

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ruty Mon 04-Jul-05 10:19:55

My ds is ten months next week and we have had some concerns about in him the past because he has a gut problem. He seems now to be doing well, just starting to crawl, playing with toys, babbling, laughing. Just wondering, when should he start to point? He doesn't, but he grabs things. Watching him like a hawk because he has to have a special diet to avoid development problems.

MommyD Mon 04-Jul-05 10:25:52

ds1 and ds2 started to point at around 11 months. I think it STARTS any time from about now to 18 months or so. I read about this because I worried for a while that ds2 had a commuication disorder - he was totally silent until 10 months, neved babbled and says very little now at 22 months. He is a fab commuincator though - just reluctant to talk

Jimjams Mon 04-Jul-05 10:27:06

They say from 9 monthish- BUT ime boys are often later. DS2 started at 12 months. He was born a few weeks early though somay have had a factor.The BIG one for autism is that they should be pointing out things of interest by 18 months.

you're not alone- I am now watching ds3 like a hawk (he's only 6 months though so I'm starting early) and I get a little knot in my stomach every time I think about pointing (because its when I'll know for sure iykwim). Makes me feel ill thinking about it tbh. He;s gluten free as well (although not cf).

You're not alone. (I managed ton photograph ds2's first proper point )

The best way to encourage joint attention etc is to comment on what the baby is looking at, don't try and show them stuff, just comment.

ruty Mon 04-Jul-05 10:34:11

its so difficult jimjams because i have been leaning towards getting him Dip, Tet and IPV one in three i've been offered at hospital] and Hib singly, but don't want to rock the boat when still unsure of his progression, tho he seems well and happy. He has a very low SIgA too - did you ever get your boys tested for that with Mike Ash?

dinosaur Mon 04-Jul-05 10:43:41

ruty I've also been watching my DS3 like a hawk - he has just turned 11 months and has only just started to point - at the end of last week.

The first thing I saw him pointing at was a picture of a bus! (Not entirely surprising as buses are the great obsession of both DS1 (who has HFA) and DS2 (who is as nt as they come)!)

As Jimjams says, though, the expected range is by 18 months, so try not to panic if you don't see any pointing just yet.

Jimjams Mon 04-Jul-05 10:53:31

congrats dinosaur - I think boys are often nearer 11 months (keep telling myself that!)

Ruty- yes ds1 did have low sigA although improved on the saccromyces. It's probably bad again now as he won't take the stuff. That bloody swab test is the worst we've had to do. Ds1 dooes not tolerate cotton wool in his mouth!

ruty Mon 04-Jul-05 11:13:58

yes that's great dinosaur and glad about ds2 mummyD. Jimjams i've been very bad at getting him to take saccromyces - he has to take probiotic too andkeep forgetting the sacc. Would rather not have any jabs but we have to go to Macedonia in Sep and all his little cousins`will want to play with him. As they have no hib vaccine over there i'm worried hib may be a risk.

Caththerese1973 Mon 04-Jul-05 18:03:45

I had no clue about the significance of the pointing thing until my dd was slow to talk, and then I read around and became informed about the link between pointing and talking.
Basically, a child shoudl be pointing at things of interest, or things he or she wants, by 18 months. This doesn't mean non-pointers of this age are autistic or disabled - many kids who are slow to communicate catch up. But 18 months seems to be the outer limits, in the textbooks, of normal development vis a vis pointing.
So you have a long time before you need to worry! I wish I could remember when my dd started pointing. But like I say, I wasn't aware of its significance as a milestone. I do remember that by 15 months she was pretty pointy. She didn't really talk until she was nearly two, though, so she may have been later than average to get started on the pointiong as well.

Jimjams Mon 04-Jul-05 18:13:01

you could check they don't have hib jab because their incidence of hib disease is very low though..... Or do you want tetanus and dipheria coverage as well? I know nothing about Macedonia. Sounds good though. Will it be easy to be gfcf over there? (might be worth packing a suitcase of food if not!)

ruty Mon 04-Jul-05 19:04:33

i do want tetanus coverage - he may be walking around by then [optimistic!] and i can only get it if i get the dip and IPV too. Better than having pertussis, which i definitely don't want. I've asked my dh if i can speak to a paed in macedonia to ask exactly that about hib, if their incidence is low or if it is financial. I think reporting and diagnosis may be a problem in establishing incidence. As there are no studies looking at leaky gut and other vaccines other than MMR it is so hard to know if he is going to tolerate them. What is cf by the way jimjams?

Jimjams Mon 04-Jul-05 19:42:42

casein free. Is your ds gluten and casein free? I'm only going gluten free until 2 with ds3 (assuming all is well- first sign of anything wrong I'll get him Sunderlanded )

At his age play is a good indicator. DS1 would have played with one toy for hours- eg just turned a ball round and round, or would have sorted a pile of balls into colours. I love the fact that ds3 grabs everything and is very distractable.

Everything you've written sounds good- are you relaxing more (hard I know and silly of me to say as I was in a right panic about ds3 on Friday).

ruty Mon 04-Jul-05 19:55:19

yes, he is casein free. I'm thinking dairy free all the time so didn't think! Its difficult isn't it, trying not to worry, but you have the best insight about ds3 of anyone, and what you say about being distractable sounds good for yours and mine. I think i'd be more at peace if i could just make a decision about jabs and be done with it. i think i remember you saying you felt at peace because you know you couldn't go along with the jabs and that was that. I felt like that at one point, and then changed because of the fears everytime he might cut himself, every time a child might sneeze over him. I'm getting obsessive in my indecision! May have to bite the bullet and gethim done, but i'd never forgive myself if he changed afterwards.

Jimjams Mon 04-Jul-05 19:59:42

I still worry about the cuts, but not the sneezes!

ruty Mon 04-Jul-05 20:13:43

i've no idea if i should worry about the sneezes or not! absolutely no bloody idea.

Katemum Mon 04-Jul-05 20:20:26

My dd has just started pointing at 13 months.

Jimjams Mon 04-Jul-05 20:23:48

Does Mike Ash have an opinion about jabs + leaky guts?

Jimjams Mon 04-Jul-05 20:24:40

I should ring him and ask him but my credit card is full 9I do need to ring him soon though agh)

ruty Mon 04-Jul-05 20:40:09

I know what you mean about the credit card! Mike Ash had the opinion that as his SIgA is very low we should wait to see if we can get it up before having any jabs. [saccromyces and probiotic treatment in mean time and then another dreaded saliva test - ds hates cotton wool too.] But the immunologist at the hospital, who has been very understanding, said he would do a blood test for SIgA first before jabs, as saliva test on its own not enough. So i've got to get the courage together to take him in for the blood test. He also said if SIgA is very low in his opinion he is more vulnerable to infection and therefore should have the jabs ASAP! He is not a bullying arrogant type, tho. i can see both points of view and have no idea which one is 'more right', IYSWIM.

Jimjams Mon 04-Jul-05 20:53:20

hmmm tricky isn't it- as you're then more vulnerable to both. I guess its only wrth jabbing him with something you're likely to get though. Otherwise you're introducing an infection that wouldn't be already there. DS1 has low sigA and I wouldn't say he as been more susceptible to infection than the other 2. although when he gets ill he tends to get knocked out more, but that might just be autism. Also I have to avoid medications with him as most send him off the planet.

The immunologist sounds good though. Having said all of that ds1's sigA did go up very quickly with the saccromyces. And his urine tests he had were generally in the normal range (which is unusual in autistic kids), so I guess you could shove saccromyces into him then get him done.....

Jimjams Mon 04-Jul-05 20:54:33

probably both opinions are right iyswim- as it can;t be predicted what pathogens he'll come into contact with iyswim.

QueenZebra Mon 04-Jul-05 21:00:54

ds1 didn't point until a week before 12 months, and he is as NT as they come.

Ds2 is almost 13 months and still not pointing (or waving bye-bye yet, wibble, wibble), but I am trying not to worry about it. When I point he looks at my hand and then where I am pointing , then he might go to the item I'm pointing at, which I think is good, no? He also sometimes holds out his hand and either none or all his fingers as though he wants to point..... Does that mean anything?

ruty Mon 04-Jul-05 21:02:30

Thanks jimjams - the problem with hib for example is there is no way of knowing if he does come into contact with it, whether he will tolerate it like a bad cold, or get something more serious, or have no symptoms at all. Would rather not have dip and IPC but it is the only way to get tetanus. I guess your boys run around and fall over. Do you just clean wounds carefully and hope for the best?

ruty Mon 04-Jul-05 21:03:28

Queen Zebra from what other mnetters are saying we shouldn't be concerned until 18 months..

hunkermunker Mon 04-Jul-05 21:04:09

DS still doesn't point with one finger, but does point with his whole hand iyswim - not sure if that makes a difference? He's just 15mo. He started doing the whole hand pointing around 12mo.

Homsa Mon 04-Jul-05 21:20:00

Hunkermunker, I'm wondering the same about my DS. He's just turned 2 and is not talking yet, and when he points it's with the whole hand, and usually to get something, not to point out something of interest. When I first came across the CHAT test for Autism, I got really worried about this, as it puts so much emphasis on the INDEX finger. Does anyone know why this is?

To be on the safe side, I've had my DS put on the waiting list for the Child Development Centre, but looking at the whole child, I don't really think he is autistic. For example, he will start to cry if he sees me making a really sad face! It's not a simple equation, like A+B=Autism, is it?

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