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3yo gets up early and wakes us all

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PennyLess Sun 03-Jul-05 21:07:28

How do I get my 3yo ds2 (ds1 is 6 and dd is 5) either to sleep longer or to stay quietly in his room between 5 and 6 in the morning?

PennyLess Sun 03-Jul-05 21:15:21


ssd Sun 03-Jul-05 21:17:53

Aaahhh Penny!

God knows but if you find out will you tell me?

P.S. the bunny clock and star charts didn't work for us.......

mandyc66 Sun 03-Jul-05 21:20:05

have you tried putting different toys or books at the bottom of his bed? Or maybe get a big bag and put a suprise in it?

fishfinger Sun 03-Jul-05 21:21:14

has he a clock?
deos he knwo what time it is?

fishfinger Sun 03-Jul-05 21:21:37

MIne have cd story players

PennyLess Sun 03-Jul-05 21:30:35

listens to his tapes for about 10 mins.
has countless books and toys. (books are his fave thing) but 2 hrs is a very long time for a little person who knows that it wouldnt' take much to have a playmate...

PennyLess Sun 03-Jul-05 21:31:17

and a surprise... every morning... like what?!

fishfinger Sun 03-Jul-05 21:32:10

so he wkaes at 5 and oyu make him wait till 7?
id say anytime after 6 is ok
cant he go and watch tv down satirs whent he clock says 6
mine was at that age

PennyLess Sun 03-Jul-05 21:33:39

I don't make him wait... this is the point, I can't!!! I would love him to. The point is I won't let him wake his sibs that early, and if I don't have to get up that early then I really don't want to! No way can he go downstairs on his own - he is TROUBLE.

fishfinger Sun 03-Jul-05 21:34:22

oh well


mandyc66 Sun 03-Jul-05 21:35:26

I dont mean a new suprise!!!! Something different in his bag each day. I am afraid i just get up. Its better recently manage till after 6 think its because he knows the storymaker and tamba are still in bed till 6!!!!

Yorkiegirl Sun 03-Jul-05 21:35:46

Message withdrawn

PennyLess Sun 03-Jul-05 21:36:10

You get up with him at that hour, 7 days a week...?

PennyLess Sun 03-Jul-05 21:37:11

How old is she yorkiegirl? I just don't find mine responds to rewards (or bribery - which I don't belive in but I am desperate) at all.

mandyc66 Sun 03-Jul-05 21:38:22

just checked ages again. My ds3 is 2.5!!!!! him an ds4 seem to take it in turns I think they have a chat and decide who iss going to wake mummy in the morning!!!!

mandyc66 Sun 03-Jul-05 21:40:03

there was a few weeks when my day started at 5.30 yes. Could get alot done in that few hours before school run though!!!!!

PennyLess Sun 03-Jul-05 21:40:25

You have 4 boys! How on earth do you survive the day if you are up at 6 every morning?

mandyc66 Sun 03-Jul-05 21:41:35

and a girl!

PennyLess Sun 03-Jul-05 21:42:18

Yeah, i am up at 6 during termtime, but w/out the children around. I clean out the rabbit, get b/fast on the table, milk pured, showered etc before I'm on duty with the kids. However it is now holiday (Scotland) and I don't want to GO ON getting up before 6. And feel strongly that he shouldn't expect me to just becasue he has.

PennyLess Sun 03-Jul-05 21:42:51

My goodness. does she keep you sane or otherwise?!

mandyc66 Sun 03-Jul-05 21:44:22

otherwise...very much so!!!!!

Orinoco Sun 03-Jul-05 21:45:52

Message withdrawn

mandyc66 Sun 03-Jul-05 21:48:41

I dont think going to bed later helps. it just means you have less evening to yourself! Maybe do it in stages. Get him to stay in bed an extra half an hour then add a bit etc? might work.
Get blackout blinds!

PennyLess Mon 04-Jul-05 13:40:16

His room is completely blacked out.
An extra half hour... 10 mins would be nice...!
I have tried later bed, I have tried cutting out his afternoon nap (for a week), I have tried both together, but NOTHING WORKS!!
I have now reverted to the nap as he is, understandably, absolutely shattered and then at lest I get some peace and a nice(r) child towards the end of the day!

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